Biggest Conspiracy in Maharashtra! Mumbai Police hints at Rahul Gandhi’s aides, Jignesh Mewani and Umar Khalid, for inciting massive violence

  1. The battle of Bhima Koregaon was fought on January 1, 1818. But the pseudo historians were successful in twisting and projecting it as a victory of oppressed classes over the upper-caste establishment. But in reality, it was a victory of imperialists over the Indian rulers. 200 years ago, the battle had taken place between Peshwas and Soldiers of East India Company. The British army, which had a large contingent of Mahars, a Dalit community, defeated the Peshwa’s army.

So to mark the 200 years of victory, the celebration took place in Bhima Koregaon in Pune district, but very soon the celebration took a violent turn. Soon the Pune district turned into a war zone after the clash broke out between two communities. The clashes have even spread to various parts of Maharashtra state and even a statewide Bundh has been called.

Jignesh Mewani and anti-national Umar Khalid responsible for the riot?

Various news channels- both regional and national reported that the violence erupted after attempts were made to suppress the Dalits. But what they failed to mention is the riot had links with the adopted son of Gauri Lankesh who fought the Gujarat elections with terror sympathizers money. Yes, Jignesh Mewani’s name has surfaced as the cops suspect that he had provoked the mob to turn violent. Along with him, even the anti-nationalist Umar Khalid is under the radar. In one video, Umar Khalid is even seen ‘fear mongering’. Umar Khalid is the same fellow who shouted and provoked JNU students to shout slogans against India.

What the riot pre-planned by anti-Hindu and anti-Modi govt forces?

Every year only 15,000 people attended the celebrations but this year nearly 3,00,000 people had visited and this gives rise to suspicion.

Below tweet exposes that the riot was preplanned as the stones were already stored in large numbers well in advance to injure Buddhist and Dalits visiting

What was more suspicious is Rahul Gandhi’s statement!

“A central pillar of the RSS/BJP’s fascist vision for India is that Dalits should remain at the bottom of Indian society. Una, Rohith Vemula and now Bhima-Koregaon are potent symbols of the resistance”, tweeted Rahul Gandhi.

  • But from which angle did he link it to RSS/BJP?
  • Which probe agency held RSS/BJP guilty?
  • Why is he blatantly lying and creating rift in the society?

This duo should be behind the war, urged notable filmmaker Ashoke Pandit.

“So the leader of the Bharat Ki barbadi gang Umar Khalid has started his activity in Maharashtra. He should be behind bars along with Mewani if he is also found guilty of inciting people”. This is how he lashed out at Umar Khalid.

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But a person who calls himself as a journalist without knowing the reality started to spew venom against the Modi government!

“Extremist Hindutvawadi organisations abused n threatened Bhima-Koregaon celebrations publicly and on social media. Dear @Dev_Fadnavis, was your police sleeping? Why adequate precautions were not taken?”. This is how Nikhil Wagle took this as an opportunity to spew venom and hate against the Hindu community and the Modi government.

As of now, Section 144 has not been imposed in Chembur or other parts of eastern suburbs, said the  Mumbai Police PRO. At noon, the police had blocked the traffic of Pune- Ahmednagar road as a precautionary measure but after three hours relaxed it.

The Mumbai police also tweeted “Don’t believe in rumours. Traffic on Eastern expressway was affected due to protests. It’s moving now. Traffic at Chembur Naka is still affected. There is nothing to panic. Verify facts with police officers and men before posting anything on social media”.

Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis responds saying this is a conspiracy!

“Every year, around 15,000 attend the event. However, this time there were around 3,00,000 people. There was a conspiracy to incite violence, but the police controlled the situation”, said CM Devendra Fadnavis.

Isn’t it suspicious after such a massive crowd gathered to celebrate this 200th victory of East India Company over Peshwas?

Ananya Sharma