Who are the biggest enemies of Hindus- Part 1

‘Keep your friends close but your enemies closer’ is a dialogue from the movie The Godfather Part II.

Hindus need to take this quote to heart and put it to use as well. Whether or not one keeps his enemies close, one definitely needs to recognise those enemies. History is witness to the Hindu genocide yet it is one of the least spoken of. Neither the text books nor Hindus themselves speak of the more than 100 million Hindus killed by Islamic invaders and later by Christians under British Raj. In fact details about this gory genocide have been brushed under the carpet and seculars continue to live in denial about this. Anyone who talks about this is immediately labelled as ‘Hindu extremist’. However, it is important to remember that nothing can change the fact that Hindu genocide took place and the sooner we acknowledge this fact the easier it would be for us to deal with the present political appeasement situation that plagues the country.

To counter the false propaganda against Hindus and Hinduism we need to first recognize these enemies who are spreading falsehood or have been instrumental in creating a wrong perception.

1) Babur: The first Mughal who invaded India and set up the Mughal Empire by ousting the Delhi Sultanate had nothing but contempt for Hindus. History textbooks, unfortunately, do not mention about the numerous massacres he carried out and the several temples he razed. They also fail to mention that Babur’s dream was ‘enslavement of Hindus’. By white-washing his crimes we have created a generation of people who would never know the truth

2) Aurangzeb: This descendant of Babur was a fanatical Muslim who had his own brother Dara Sikoh, the real heir and one with liberal religious views, beheaded and his father put under imprisonment to usurp power for himself. Under him Hindus suffered immensely and many had to pay the price of defiance with their blood. Yet, historians like Romila Thapar, Harbans Mukhia and Bipin Chandra presented the genocide committed by Aurangzeb as class conflicts. It is worth mentioning here that is was Aurangzeb who ordered the destruction all temples and for mosques to be built in their place. Some of the famous temples razed under his orders include Kashi Vishwanath, Somnath and Shri Krishna’s temple at the Lord’s birthplace at Mathura.

3) Thomas Babington Macaulay: Macaulay introduced English and Western concepts in India with the motive of creating ‘British loyalists who would be brown skinned yet think and act like the British. Learning English undoubtedly is beneficial to the masses as it is a global language. However, it has created a class of intellectuals who are cut off from their roots and have come to hate everything connected with Hinduism. Macaulay has succeeded in his plans of creating a class of media and intelligentsia who continue to be enslaved to such thoughts.

4) Indian National Congress: One of the oldest political parties of India, which has now passed on into the hands of one family, was founded by Allan Octavian Hume in December 1885. Not surprisingly, it was subservient to the British rule till the end of the 19th century when it just mildly criticized the government. Staunch nationalist like Aurobindo and Tilak were sidelined by so called moderate congress leaders. This loyalty towards ‘foreigners’ continues to this day in the congress evident in their sycophancy towards and subservience to Sonia Gandhi.

5) The Communist Party of India: If we carefully go through history, we would find that Communists have always acted against national interests. They have found it their obligation to stand by communist country even at the cost of Indian national interests. Communists of India sided with China during the Indo-China war in 1962. Communism is a dead concept all over the world yet Marxists continue to swear by it. Moreover, they more often than not impede the country’s growth prospects through their call for strikes.

6) Jawaharlal Nehru: He was everything Macaulay dreamed of making out of an Indian. Not only was his knowledge about India superficial but he was also not fond of non-anglicised Indians. He brought in socialism of 19th century Britain to India without so much as bothering to learn about the ground realities here. British Socialism was outdated and a complete misfit for Indian conditions. Much of Nehru’s schemes and systems not only caused immense damage to the country at that time but the repercussions continue to this day.

7) The Pope: The Vatican continues to stick to its idea that only Jesus Christ is the one true God. Church attendance has been dwindling in the West which is certainly a cause for concern for the Vatican. With fewer people willing to become nuns and priests, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Pope has called for ‘Evangelisation of Asia’. In essence the Church seems to have made religion a business. They, however, do not play fair by converting people through fraudulent means. If Vatican treats religion as a business it should play by the rules of a free market. Targeting poor Hindus through inducements such as free schooling or medical treatments is unfair and borders on cheating. They even resort to ‘fake miracles’ to convert uneducated and poor Hindus. They would never do this in China where proselytisation could lead to deportation.

This list is by no means exhaustive and in a series of articles we would see how enemies of Hindus have been making a business out of spreading falsehoods and half baked information about Hinduism.

Latha Iyer