Who are the biggest enemies of Hindus- Part 2

In the first part of this series we have seen how some of those who ruled us or were in positions of power misused the same to make Hindus feel ashamed of themselves. We will continue to take a look at some more such people whose main aim is to ‘discredit Hinduism’ and present it in a bad light. Needless to say some of these people are either serving the Vatican or pandering to ‘Muslim Votebank’ or both. It is time such enemies are exposed and people make an informed choice.

1) Sonia Gandhi: It is an open secret that all powers were vested in her during the decade that UPA was in power, even though officially Manmohan Singh was the PM. Even today she holds a strong grip on the Congress party reins and hardly anything can move without her approval. The subservient behaviour of her party members is indication enough of the kind of power she wields. During the UPA regime all official Government machinery were subverted and worked on the whims and fancies of ‘Indira’s favourite Bahu’. It was at the behest of ’10 Janpath’ that torture was used to extract confession from Colonel Purohit and Sadhvi Pragya.

2) Rahul Gandhi: Half-knowledge they say is more dangerous than no knowledge at all. This ‘Nehru Parivar’ scion has been elevated to the position of Congress party Vice President solely because he has ‘Gandhi’ surname. Besides that there seems to be no other qualification that he possesses. His speeches prove the level of his ignorance and he along with his mother leave no stone unturned to pander to Muslims. It was he who said that ‘Hindu terrorism is a bigger cause of worry’. Such ignorance can only be expected from him.

3) Priyanka Gandhi: The biggest advantage that Rajiv’s daughter and Indira’s granddaughter has is that she looks like Indira Gandhi, something which the party never fails to use during election times. It is only during election campaigns can one see her donning a saree and canvassing for her party. Whether or not she is interested in politics is hard to say but in case she takes over the mantle there is nothing to suggest that she would be any different from her ‘Parivar’ in terms of ideas and ideology.

4) Barkha Dutt: is a journalist steeped in controversy. Besides the fact that she is an unabashed Hindu basher, she is also close to the Congress party. If the Radia tapes are anything to go by then she has misused her position as a journalist and exploited her proximity with Congress leaders. Her stint at NDTV helped her to further her agenda.

5) Kancha Illiah: is a converted Christian who penned the book ‘Why I am not Hindu’. His beliefs are not difficult to understand because he is just serving his Vatican masters. His hatred for Hinduism in general and Brahmins in particular is quite visible in his speeches and debates. Needless to say he comes up with the most irrational and illogical statements as his thinking gets clouded due to his hatred.

6) Amartya Sen: Indians have a love for anything foreign and that makes them blind to the flaws of someone with a ‘Nobel Prize’. Amartya Sen has exploited this weakness and came to be recognized as an economist of repute due to his affiliation with Oxford as well. He made a fortune out of his poverty theories and Nalanda University Project, handed over to him by the Congress led UPA regime. He, of course, is a Marxist and hates Hinduism without doubt.

7) Rajdeep Sardesai: Unbiased journalism and media in India are a myth. His hatred for BJP in general and PM Modi in particular is well known. Had it not been for video evidences he would have passed off his scuffle with NRIs in New York, where he provokes them, as an incident where he was a victim of ‘Hindu hardliner’ aggression. He refused to act on a sting video showing Congress bribing BJP MLA’s to defect thus proving where his loyalties lie. His affinity towards Christianity and hatred for Hinduism possibly stems from the fact that his father allegedly converted to Christianity later in his life. Whether or not that is true, Rajdeep’s hatred for everything Hindu is on display for all to see.

There are many more such enemies of Hinduism that we need to know about and would be exposing in the days to come.

Who are the biggest enemies of Hindus- Part 1

Latha Iyer