Who are the biggest enemies of Hindus- Part 3

Continuing with our series on ‘Enemies of Hindus’, we bring you some more popular names who have proved time and again their religious bias. When prominent figures move away from a secular stand or neutrality at least in public, it is the greatest disservice to the majority population of this country. Unfortunately, Hindus have been treated with disdain by not just politicians and so called intellectuals but from celebrities belonging to various fields including cinema.

1) Aamir Khan: All though he has fans among people of all religions, he has shown his disdain for Hindus by criticising Hindu Gurus and Gods through his movie PK. Not just that, he has proved to be a hypocrite while himself following rituals by carrying out Haj pilgrimage but mocking Hindus for being ‘ritualistic’. He stood with Medha Patkar during Narmada Bachao Andolan, which later turned out to be a fraud, against the then Gujarat CM Narendra Modi. His statement that his wife Kiran did not feel ‘safe’ in India alienated him from large sections of the society. He has undeniably proved himself to be a hater of Hindus and PM Modi.

2) Shahrukh Khan: Much like Aamir Khan, Shahrukh has also joined the ‘intolerance chorus’ from time to time. They can’t anger their Muslim fan base but they know that they can get away with anything anti-Hindu as their Hindu fans suffer from the ‘chalta hai’ or grin & bear attitude.

3) Angana Chatterjee: For someone who started by working in an association named after Sri Aurobindo, a champion of Hinduism, Angana Chatterjee is a rabid anti-Hindu who lives in USA. She is a leftist married to Richard Shapiro, Director at CIIS. This organisation in itself is venomously anti-Hindu. Both husband and wife never fail to attend International Kashmir Freedom Conference which just voices the opinions of Kashmiri Muslims but doesn’t give a platform to Kashmiri Hindus to present their side of the story.

4) Teesta Setalvad: Just like Angana, Teesta is also a Hindu herself. She, however, is married to a Muslim Javed Khan who runs the NGO Muslim for Secular Democracy. Needless to say the organisation is neither about secularism nor democracy but just a front for being anti-Hindu. She is a known Modi hater and has cases of perjury pending against her. Not surprisingly, she has taken undue advantage of the lack of awareness or education and poverty to get false affidavits filed by victims. She has unashamedly used ignorance and poverty of people to serve her own agenda.

5) John Dayal: A known Hindu hater, John Dayal is a Christian who lobbies, along with the Bishops, in the West in general and US in particular. He has testifies in the US Congress against the alleged persecution of Christians in India which is a blatant lie. He lives in a time warp believing that Christianity is the only true path and Hindus need to be converted so as to follow the one true God and be saved from eternal hell.

6) Irfan Habib: He along with Romila Thapar worked on the policy ‘catch them young’. Historians like them have twisted historical facts not just to present Mughals and other Muslim invaders in a positive light but also to wipe out the atrocities committed on Hindus by Islamic invaders and rulers. The result is an entire generation which has grown up with a wrong notion of history.

7) Ramchandra Guha: Another Hindu hater who pushes his agenda and hatred under the garb of a journalist. He works with Outlook magazine and believes that ‘Hindu fundamentalism’ is the real threat. It is journalists like these who are a hit with Western media and spread canards against Hinduism abroad through their biased and distorted views.

More such people need to be unmasked and their agenda exposed so that people may learn and understand their propaganda.

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Latha Iyer