Who are the biggest enemies of Hindus- Part 4

In this series we have been learning about those people and organisations that have and continue to bring disrepute to Hindu community and religion at large due to their inherent bias against and hatred for Hinduism. No country would tolerate insult to their majority community as much as India does. It is quite easy to get away with abusing and insulting Hindus in our country especially because of the apathy that has a vice like grip on Hindus themselves. Here are a few more names that can be termed as ‘enemies of Hindus’.

1) Cristophe Jaffrelot: is a French indologist whose bias against Hindus and BJP is quite visible in his writings. Despite the fact that he rants about the imaginary ‘Hindu fundamentalism’, he is quite welcome in India to promote English translations of his French books. He is sponsored by the French government and all thanks to him; the French have been subjected to one sided anti-Hindu opinion by him which has influence French bureaucrats as well.

2) Wendy Doniger: Allegedly an indologist, this American’s writings are full of misrepresentations. Almost all her writings on Hindu deities have sexual undertones which points at her poor understanding and grasp on Hindu philosophy and shastras. However, it is quite unfortunate that so called scholars like her get feted in India.

3) Karunanidhi: Influenced by Dravidianism, Karunanidhi follows the ideology of Dravida Kazhagam (DK). DK is an anti-Hindu organisation that follows the policies and principles of Periyar. They propagate false theories like the ‘Aryan invasion theory’ and ‘Aryan-Dravidian divide’ to further their political agenda. Karunanidhi, like most politicians in Tamil Nadu, has exploited these false theories and ignorance of the people regarding the same to give legitimacy to his policies and politics.

4) Prannoy Roy: He is the CEO of NDTV, undoubtedly the most anti-Hindu news channel on air. Prannoy being the brother-in-law of Brinda Karat (whose sister Radhika is married to him) follows Hindu hatred fostered by CPI (M). His anti-Hindu agenda was ably carried out by his ex-second in command Barkha Dutt. There is no doubt that NDTV continues to disrespect the majority religion of the country.

5) Amnesty International: This NGO is undoubtedly anti-Hindu. It employs a sizable number of Pakistanis which can partially explain its anti-Hindu stance. Besides that a number of questions can be raised about its impartiality considering that it has never taken up the cause of Kashmiri Hindus who were driven out of their own homes by Muslims of the valley.

6) P. Chidambaram: He served as the finance and home minister in the erstwhile Manmohan Singh government. In both these capacities he made his anti-Hindu stance amply clear; first by going after Hindu institutions as the finance minister and then by clearing an affidavit containing details of Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) terrorist Ishrat Jahan. Ishrat was part of a group that intended to assassinate then Gujarat CM and present PM Modi. Not surprisingly all references to Ishrat Jahan’s terror links went missing in the second affidavit filed in the court just a month after the first one. This could not have happened without the collusion and knowledge as well as approval of then home minister P. Chidambaram. Sadly such a criminal act went unpunished.

7) Michael Witzel: He is a Sanskrit professor at Harvard University and was one of who opposed to removal of erroneous references to Hinduism and India in the texts of schools in USA. He is known to propagate discredited and outdated theories propounded by the likes of Romila Thapar. His close ties to leftist historians in India, therefore, shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Such is their contempt for Hinduism that they would stoop to any levels to ‘prove’ their fantastical theories and stories as the truth. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much counter narratives to such blatant lies because voices of most of those who counter these propagandists are drowned out or never heard. Time to change the narrative and replace propaganda with truth.

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Latha Iyer