Who are the biggest enemies of Hindus- Part 4

In the previous parts of this series we have learnt about some of the biggest enemies of Hindus. Continuing our quest, we bring to you some more names, fortunately or unfortunately they happen to be influential, which have an inherent hatred for Hinduism and hence do not bat an eyelid before spreading canards about the same.

1) Romila Thapar: Most great civilizations fell not because of external treachery. Similarly, it is traitors like Romila who have let down a vast section of Hindus and the Hindu religion as well as culture by propagating false, half baked theories and passing them off as truths. As a well connected historian, Romila’s writings have influenced Indologists all over the world. It is here unfounded theory of equating demons mentioned in Hinduism with tribals which is being used by Maoists insurgents to influence tribal people in remote areas to this day.

2) N. Ram and The Hindu newspaper: N. Ram, the editor of Hindu newspaper, is a follower of Marxism and this gets clearly reflected in his newspaper as well as Frontline magazine which belongs to the group. The Hindu, which is anti-Hindu ironically, is widely read particularly in the South.

3) Sagarika Ghose: Much like her husband Rajdeep Sardesai, Sagarika also suffers from Hinduphobia. She was the deputy editor at CNN-IBN and quit the same after Reliance Industries took over the channel. At present, she is working as consulting editor with the Times of India. The husband-wife duo made a living out of Hindu bashing.

4) Mamata Banerjee: Current Chief Minister of West Bengal panders to her Muslim vote bank knowing well that since Hindus are divided she can easily come to power on the sole strength of her Muslim voters. If the recent communal violence and attacks on Hindus is anything to go by then it clearly indicates where Mamata’s loyalties lie.

5) Akbaruddin Owaisi: Both Akbaruddin and his brother are well known for giving secessionist speeches. Several times they have ranted against Hindus and even issued threats yet got away with it.

6) Zakir Naik: It is only in India that so called preachers like Zakir Naik can openly hurt sentiments of Hindus and speak derogatorily of their deities. He even challenged Hindus to prove that ‘Shri Ganesh’ is God.

7) Kashmiri Separatists: Syed Geelani and other Kashmiri separatists like him not just hobnob with Pakistani ambassador in Delhi but they even visit Pakistan. Despite holding Indian passports and living off Indian taxpayers’ money, these people don’t bat an eyelid before supporting Pakistan. Nor do they show any sort of consideration for Kashmiri Hindus who were driven out of the valley.

8) NGOs: There is no greater threat to Hinduism than NGOs, most of which are anti-Hindu and receive funds from abroad. On the surface these NGOs seem to work in the upliftment of the downtrodden and mostly in rural India. However, it is not very difficult to miss their hidden agenda. All one needs to do is look at the source of their funding. Many even use NGO as a front to carry out conversion activities. One needs to beware of such tactics and fraud.

As pointed out earlier it is important to keep an eye on one’s enemies not just for self-defence but also for survival at times. India is probably the only country where enemies of the majority community are allowed to function with impunity. The least Hindus can do is be aware of those who are causing harm and bringing disrepute to their religion and culture which has survived centuries of external aggression.

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Latha Iyer