Biggest ever Bureaucratic Reform by Modi Govt !!! You can become IAS without giving UPSC exam as Modi govt now offers 10 Joint Secretary-level posts via lateral entry

Have you ever heard of being bureaucrat without passing the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exam? It might sound vague to you but Yes it is possible now. Your expertise can make you IAS and all thanks to PM Narendra Modi led NDA Government for introducing such a huge reform by exposing the top civil service to competition through lateral entry.

By this historic move of PM Narendra Modi led NDA Government, the Government has opened its doors for a senior management position to non-civil servants. Now any talented and motivated Indian nationals with required expertise can enter into a senior level of the administration.

This is the first of its kind initiative taken by Modi Government. No earlier Government has thought of taking such effective step. Although to improve the efficiency and productivity of bureaucracy, the Administrative Reforms Commission, Sarkaria Commission recommended the lateral induction of officers from various fields into administration in 2005 and 2010 but the previous government turned blind eyes and deaf ears to the recommendation.

Again in 2017, Baswan Commission pointed out a huge deficit of officers and now PM Modi led Government is looking into the matter and this move by Government can be seen as a great reform to improve the administrative services.

This is a bold step by PM Narendra Modi govt to induce top class brilliance in bureaucracy which will facilitate government to make fine strategies for the benefit of Indian population at large. Brilliant and experienced brains of every field who missed opportunity & joined corporate can now look forward to serve the nation. It will lead to more participative Bureaucracy and not exclusive.

Right now the Modi government has invited applications for 10 posts of joint secretaries in different ministries under its “lateral entry” scheme. Generally, senior bureaucrats are appointed as joint secretaries in several government departments but Modi Government has opened the platform to other talented individuals also.

Joint secretaries are at a crucial level of senior management in the Government of India, and lead policymaking and the implementation of various programmes and schemes of the department. They report to the secretary/additional secretary in the ministry or department, and are normally appointed from All India services like the IAS, IPS, IFS and other central services.

The posts for which the government has invited applications are revenue, financial services, economic affairs, agriculture, road transport, shipping, environment and forest, civil aviation and commerce. Anyone who is willing and interested to serve the nation can come forward and apply online at The  Department Of Personnal Training (DoPT) has barred any physical applications to maintain transparency in the recruitment drive,

While this is the first time that an organised policy for lateral entry at a senior level is being rolled out, the experiment with private sector executives in government is not new. The Tata Group’s Russi Mody was appointed the head of Air India back in 1993, and in 2002, former BSES CMD R V Shahi was made Power Secretary for five years. The UPA government brought in Nandan Nilekani to head the UIDAI project, and the current government appointed ayurvedic physician and former VC of Gujarat Ayurveda University, Rajesh Kotecha, as Secretary, Ministry of AYUSH.

The opposition which has the habit of condemning every good move favouring the nation has also condemned this move calling it “unconstitutional”, and a way to “sabotage the system” but PM Modi is reforming the system from background and creating a refine system in parallel for ease. This will bring in a vast number of fresh & vibrant ideas and will also demolish the monopoly of the corrupt civil services officers.

Source : Indian Express

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