What is the biggest game plan PM Narendra Modi and superstar Rajnikanth readying for Tamil Nadu politics?

Ever since Jayalalitha passed away in the month of December, Tamil Nadu has seen a huge turn of events in terms of politics. Jayalalitha who ruled the state for over 2 decades had become the AMMA of Tamil Nadu and for AIADMK. She singlehandedly brought the party to power with sheer hard work and struggle.

She was regarded as strong lady with great determination. She was one person who overcame tremendous humiliation and abuses from political parties, she was even man handled in the Assembly of Tamil Nadu by DMK members for questioning corruption. Despite of all hardships she bravely fought her opponents and won battles to become the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu more than 3 times. After her untimely demise, Sasikala Natarajan took over as the party chief and soon will be the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu as well.

But the biggest anticipation to people was the BJP’s next move. It is well known that AIADMK was a natural ally of the BJP and Jayalalitha was a very close friend of Modi. They shared common interest in many aspects and had been in good terms since 10 years. In fact PM Modi was one person who had always cautioned Jayalalitha about an internal coup which was brewing since many years. After Jayalalitha’s demise, people thought BJP may play crucial role in Tamil Nadu politics. However, not much visible change or big strategies were seen to have have played.

But according to some internal reports, BJP is preparing a master strategy which may change the dynamics of Tamil Nadu politics. Yes, the BJP is said to have roping in Tamil Superstar Rajnikanth into politics. According to few people, Rajnikanth is planning to start his own party very soon which may be the biggest jolt to DMK and AIADMK. On the other hand, BJP is said to have initiated talks with Rajnikanth for a possible alliance. Rajnikanth was well known to be very close aide of Amma Jayalalitha, but after her death, Rajnikanth was apparently upset with the developments in AIADMK, especially after Sasikala was made the general secretary of the party.

Following these developments, there are now rumors that Rajnikanth was planning to start his new party. Rajnikanth who is also a close friend of Modi had met him just before the 2014 general elections. BJP always tried to woo Rajinikanth, but however Rajnikanth had then refused to join or openly support BJP due to his support for Jayalalitha. Although he was reluctant to join politics, he had never rejected the idea completely. Rajnikanth’s brother had also said that it was time for his brother to join politics.


But now since the AIADMK has lost sheen without AMMA and is most likely to fall in the trap of Mannargudi mafia, there are more chances that Rajnikanth may open doors to the BJP which may become the turning point in the future of Tamil Nadu politics.

Aishwarya S