What Was the Biggest Mistake Gandhi Ever Made???

Seven decades of Independence, six decades of Congress rule, 5 decades of Nehru- Gandhi Dynasty Slavery.  Jawaharlal Nehru for 17 years, Indira Gandhi for 16 years, Rajiv Gandhi for 5 years and Sonia Gandhi for 10 years (with the help of Puppet PM MMS ).

Why???  Why has this Dynasty enslaved the world’s Largest Democracy for such a long period? The Dynasty rulers had neither Education nor personal character to deserve the devotion of Indians. Their political careers were heavily tainted by blemishes of Political blunders and Scams. Then why?

It was the Father of our Nation who was the Originator of this sin inflicted on Mother India. Yes, it was Mahatma Gandhi who initiated the entry of this Dynasty into Indian Politics. It’s debatable which was the biggest mistake committed by Mahatma Gandhi. Was it Partition? Was it Bhagat Singh’s hanging? These are undoubtedly his grave mistakes. But after seventy years of Independence, Placing the Dynasty Family in the influential position to loot India seems the Biggest Mistake of Mohandas Gandhi.

It was Mohandas Gandhi who planted an ineligible Nehru as India’s first Prime Minister. The entire Congress Party believed in the strong and able leadership of Sardar Patel, the Iron Man of India. On 29th April, 1946, nominations for the President of Congress Party and future Prime Minister were made by 15 State/ Rigional Congress Committees. 12 out of 15 votes went to Sardar Patel and not a single vote went to Jawaharlal Nehru. Like a spoilt brat, Nehru defiantly and egoistically demanded the Prime Minister’s post and Gandhi helped Nehru to make a back door entry through CWC nomination by immoral means. Personal favoritism took over country’s welfare. Gandhi knew the fact that if Nehru was not pampered, he would create havoc in the newly formed country. Just to avoid the temporary disruptions, Gandhi handed over India to undeserving Nehru on a silver platter. Gandhi realized his grave mistake and injustice to Sardar Patel. But before he could take corrective measures of dissolving Congress, he was assassinated.

Well, rest is the history! Edited history, that is. Long seventeen years of Prime Minister’s post till death and endless blunders and scams! Jawaharlal Nehru’s portrayal has been very graciously defined by Leftist Academia to influence the young generation. In spite of being a failure student, Nehru was wrongly presented as highly qualified. His birthday is celebrated as Childrens’ Day just because we were made to believe that he loved children. His political image is presented as ‘Clean ‘in spite of his various political blunders and scams.


Jawaharlal Nehru’s Contribution in POK! The biggest Historic ‘Blunder’ Post Independence !

After Nehru’s death, Indira Gandhi took over India. Indira Gandhi was destined to take over India as her ancestral property.  She fitted the bill as perfectly as her father. She too was a failure in studies. She was a dropout from Viswabharathi University, she was a dropout from Oxford University and she was driven out of Shanki Niketan for bad conduct. When she married Feroze Khan aka  Feroze Ghandy in 1942 , Nehru was worried about her political future. This inter-religion marriage had caused uproar among Indians. But Mohandas Gandhi came to their rescue as usual. He published a letter of appeal to Indians to bless the newlyweds. He adopted Feroze Khan /Ghandy and passed on his famous surname to him. Feroze Khan became Feroze Gandhi and Indira Nehru became Indira Gandhi. With Gandhi surname, Indians readily fell into the trap and the slavery continued. Now, think! Would Indians have accepted had she flaunted the name ‘Maimuna Begum’? Mohandas Gandhi surely knew the ways of fooling Indians!

Mohandas Gandhi empowered the Dynasty Crooks with a rock-solid foundation in his lifetime. After Nehru, Indira, Rajiv, the crowning glory was ultimately passed to Antonia Maino aka Sonia Gandhi. One needs a great memory power to know the Scams done in Sonia’s UPA 1 and UPA 2 . You can refer the link provided in the beginning of this write up for the scams A to Z.

So, don’t you think setting up the foundation of Chinese Gandhis was the biggest mistake of Mahatma Gandhi???

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi





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