Biggest revelation by Pakistan’s former Spy! An Indian political party was created by Pakistan’s ISI , do you know which is it?

4 decades ago, when the Emergency was imposed in India, an American spy was at the residence of the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. This spy had every possibility to cast his influence in the decision making of Indira Gandhi and even might have had accessed India’s secret information. But, as it was a secular government, people didn’t feel that the nation was at risk.

At a point of time, there were even speculations that Indira Gandhi was planning to remodel India’s Constitution on the lines of the American and French governments. But none are talking on it because Indira Gandhi was a secular leader and she respected Dr BR Ambedkar.

But now, a quake has popped up in the Indian political arena after the former Pakistani spy revealed that they were behind the creation of a political party in India.

The former spy strips naked the political party which was and is breaking India since decades!

It has been revealed that Pakistan was meddling in Indian political issues, for the first time. Pakistan’s former spy chief Mohammad Asad Durrani has finally revealed that the Hurriyat was the creation of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) is an alliance of 26 political, social and religious organizations formed on March 9, 1993, as a united political front to raise the cause of Kashmiri separatism.






This sensational claim by the former Pakistani spy has exposed the haters of India as Mohammad Asad Durrani, the spy, said “I think that the formation of the Hurriyat to provide a political direction to the resistance was a good idea”. He was the ISI chief from 1990 to 1992.
This is revealed when there was a conversation between Durrani and former RAW chief AS Dulat. This conversation was moderated by journalist Aditya Sinha in a book titled “The Spy Chronicles: RAW, ISI and the Illusion of Peace”.
Pakistani spy also speaks on Kashmir, Hurriyat, Afghanistan, Osama Bin Laden, Pervez Musharraf, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval, former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, and even prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Answering the question on what was the big failure of ISI against India, Durani said “The biggest failure was when the Kashmir uprising happened, we did not know how far it would go”. He went on to say “these things usually run their course in six months or a year. When it became lasting, we wondered how to keep a handle on it. We didn’t want it to go out of control, which would lead to war which neither side wanted”.
He also said “I regret till today why we did not take Amanullah Gilgiti more seriously. His group led the uprising…. His third option of independence was unnecessarily muddying the water. And what did independence mean anyway?”.
Why Hurriyat needs to be completely eliminated from Indian soil?
The Hurriyat has been exposed by the Indian Army and the National Investigation Agency (NIA) as many times as Pakistan. Below is the list of how the Hurriyat and its leaders were caught red-handedly while dealing with Pakistan to rage war against India.
  • The Hurriyat leaders who have an illicit affair with Pakistan are a major threat to India. These are majorly responsible for the violence in the valley. The uneducated and unemployed youths are paid to stone pelt at the soldiers, especially on Fridays, and create violence.
  • On February 2018, the NIA had nailed the “All Parties Hurriyat Conference” and showed the world the links between it with Pakistan. NIA said that the convener Ghulam Mohammad Safi and advocate Parvez Ahmad were having a confidential communication link with the ISI to create unrest in J&K by joining hands with the separatists.
NIA's findings
  • Hurriyat is a hub of terrorists.Recently a man named Junaid, 26, who was the son of Mohammad Ashraf Sehrai who replaced Syed Ali Shah Geelani as the chairman of Tehreek-e-Hurriyat, joined the terrorist group Hizbul Mujahideen. So this clearly says that Hurriyat had terrorists in its own house.
  • Weeks ago, terrorist Sameer Tiger was gunned down by the security forces just hours after he challenged the Indian Army officer. Sameer Tiger had said “Tell Shukla (Major Rohit Shukla) that just because the lion has stopped hunting, dogs think that the whole jungle belongs to them, if Shukla has guts then he should come face to face with us” in a video and just within hours he was eliminated.
  • But pictures of a Hurriyat leader with the slain terrorist Sameer went viral on internet exposing the links between Hurriyat and the terrorists. “In a video, Hurriyat leader Shabir Shah has been seen protesting with Hizbul commander Sameer Tiger who was gunned down by forces in Pulwama” said in a report.

On July 2017, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) had even arrested seven Kashmiri separatist leaders from Hurriyat Conference in relation to the terror funding case. Yet, they are not thrown out of the nation. Former chief of Indian Army, General V K Singh had even suggested to declare Hurriyat a terrorist group. He also said that “Hurriyat leaders be locked up in central prisons on terrorism charges”.

General VK Singh also said “separatist leaders like Naeem Khan and Bitta Karate be immediately jailed under the Public Safety Act of Jammu and Kashmir”.

What the sources from J & K say?

  • LeT is sending money to Hurriyat to pay for stone-pelters and create unrest in the Valley
  • The stone-pelters are hired on either daily or weekly basis and are paid around Rs 500 per day or Rs 2,000 per week

Few of the parties that are included in the “Hurriyat Conference” are Aawami Action Committee, People’s League, Anjamani Auqafi Jama Masjid, Anjaman-e-Tablig-ul Islam, Ummat Islami, Anjuman e shari shiyan, Jammu Kashmir National Front, All Jammu & Kashmir Employees’ Confederation, Jamiate Ulama-E-Islam, Jamiat-e-Hamdania, Jammu and Kashmir People’s Conference and Jammu and Kashmir People’s Basic Rights (Protection) Committee.

An enemy within is more dangerous than the armed enemy who is beyond the borders. Until and unless we get rid of these terrorist sympathizers –who provoke poor people of Jammu, but send their kids to USA– the valley won’t be peaceful.

Source: News18.com

Hansika Raj



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