Biggest Revenge Ever!!! Amarnath Attack Mastermind Abu Ismail eliminated in J&K

Abu Ismail, this man was responsible for the death of 8 Hindu Amarnath pilgrims couples of months ago. Soon after the attack took place on Yatris, NSA Ajit Doval had said that “They can run but they can’t hide” and today his words have turned into a reality.

He was eliminated in the outskirts of Naugam in an encounter. This man was from LeT terrorist organisation and was said to be a well trained terrorist .Reports also say that not just Abu Ismail but even the other terrorists present with him are were killed.

Revenge is Sweet!!!

This is a huge victory because after the attack, there were very few clues available to track the terrorists. But the defence force has been successful in cracking this case.

Ismail has recruited more than 40 terrorists in south kashmir and 30 in North. He belonged to Mirpur in Pakistan and had a Rs. 10 lakh reward on his head.

Soon after the attack on Amarnath Yatris, the government undertook all possible measure to hunt down the terrorists. Sensors-loaded drones which send high-resolution images were used in the proactive operation to track the terrorists. The National Technical Research Organisation’s tech assistance was also taken. The attack had not only killed eight pilgrims but had also injured 19 others.

The bus that was fired on by the terrorists was registered in Gujarat. The bus was also reportedly not part of the official tour for the Yatra which means that it was not given the customary police protection. When the terrorists attacked, many were in sleep and hence couldn’t identify how many terrorists took part in the attack.

Now, the Indian defence personnel have successfully broken the back bone of the terrorists in the valley. This Pakistani sponsored terrorist’s main intention was to disrupt peace in India and to trigger communal violence in India.

But now the message is clear!!! Indian Army will kill, kill and kill each and every terrorist in Jammu.

Hansika Raj