Biggest scam since India’s Independence exposed!!! Do you know how Congress is executing scams even though it is not ruling India?

How can such a big scam go unnoticed from the public? When in power, did you know that Congress looted Rs 1760000000000 crores of money in the 2G scam? With this money, India could have purchases several bullet trains so that the transport system of India would get strengthened. But Congress opted to derail development.

What may be the overall money looted by the Sonia Gandhi led government, if Rs 1760000000000 crores of loss was gifted to India in just one government project? It is not in the ambit our imagination.

Being a parent, will you stop dreaming of making your child an engineer, doctor or chartered accountant even after he/she fails in the class 10 internals? The Indian National Congress says to stop dreaming high aims.

There is a buzz on social media and TV shows that PM Modi is foolish to venture into bullet trains while there are so many train derailments in India. It is apparent that the news is promoted by one and only Indian National Congress which is also trending tweets regarding train derailments every now and then.

But are these train derailments have one thing in common. The train derailments occurred because it was planned and executed by some unknown men. This was clear after the railway tracks were scrutinised clearly. Instead of asking for an investigation on these mishaps, the Congress party is all set to derail the developmental projects in India.

Centuries ago, we were walking or using bullock cart, later we got bus, bikes and cycle. When technology took a giant leap, airlines were introduced. If the logic of Congress was used, then we would be still travelling in bullock carts.

Look at the below tweet, which clearly shows that someone was planning to derail a train in Gujarat. Also note the point that Gujarat will soon face an election. Who will be benefited when regular train derailments occur in BJP led state?

The below tweet shows train derailments were high during UPA government but no one had complained about this. From 2009 to 2015, there were a total of 803 train accidents which resulted in the death of 620 people and 1855 people were injured. Why doesn’t Mrs Sonia Gandhi give clarification on this?

How Congress derailed development in India?

Since the day Mr Modi came to power, the Congress party is creating troubles so that the developmental projects will be halted. From disrupting the parliament session to Intolerance debate. From tarnish the name of India in global platform to changing India’s name to Lynchistan. Congress has done every possible task to derail development.

Presently, it is busy in saving the Rohingyas who have massacred Hindus and Buddhists in Myanmar. Looking at this, the only feasible solution to save India is to completely derail Congress party in the 2019 general elections. If Congress isn’t derailed, then India will again be a hub of scams and riots.


Hansika Raj