Biggest setback to Congress!!! Close aide of Robert Vadra, Sanjay Bhandari is all set to expose the wrongdoings in defense deals as well as Vadra’s and other leaders involvement in the Rafale Saga

In what could be the biggest setback to Congress President Rahul Gandhi and his brother in law Robert Vadra, the crime partner of Robert Vadra, Sanjay Bhandari is ready to spill the beans against Robert Vadra with the help of his associate

According to Republic World sources, Sanjay Bhandari has agreed that he will reveal all the wrongdoings of the Robert Vadra in defense deals as well as his involvement in the Rafale deal on the condition if the Government will provide clean chit to him. He further said that he will reveal all the names of the people who were involved in the deal of arms.

According to sources, the associate with whose help Sanjay Bhandari is ready to spill the beans is an arm dealer himself and is on the no-business list of the Government of India and Ministry of Defense, Earlier he was arrested along with his son but was released later on bail, and then got a clean chit after he provided number of valuable information to the government, which in turn helped him travel outside the country. It is reported that he is trying to broke a similar deal for Sanjay Bhandari also.

The reports too stated that the associate of Bhandari had earlier this year attended the final rites of veteran Congress leader RK Dhawan, wherein he spoke with two senior people in the Indian establishment and informed them about Bhandari’s decision to speak up.

It has also come to forefront that Sanjay Bhandari is under continuous pressure as informed by him to the government and wants a swift response on his presented deal from the Government. The Government has not yet responded on this matter

Earlier reports have also emerged which proves the direct link of Sanjay Bhandari and Robert Vadra and how pressure has been built upon French aviation firm Dassault for locking the  Rafale deal with the company owned by Sanjay Bhandari named OIS to which French side did not accepted and decided against going with OIS after a few initial rounds of talks and because of the company’s connection to Robert Vadra

This deal by Sanjay Bhandari is itself a confession that he, along with Robert Vadra and Congress party has done chicanery surrounding Rafale as well as other defence deals.And it is also clear from the above report under whose pressure Sanjay Bhandari is. Who is the person who doesn’t want the details to come out? Which is the party that doesn’t want their misdeeds to be exposed?  Who is the one who is trying to politicize the Rafale controversy because of not receiving kickback from the deal? Who have put at stake the security of country? Who never realized the need of aircrafts for the Airforce?

If Sanjay Bhandari will turn approver against his friend and Congress party’s beloved son in law Robert Vadra plus he revealed all the wrongdoings of Robert Vadra along with spilling out beans on a number of matters this will be last nail in the coffin of Congress party which is blaming Prime Minister Narendra Modi and is launching attack on him and his Government continually for locking the Rafale deal.

Source : Republic World