Biggest victory ever for Hindus in the history!!! People who said ‘Hindu terrorism’ exists, are now showing ‘Jeneu’ by lifting their Kurtha

Not only is Rahul Gandhi ji a Hindu, he is a ‘jeneu dhari’ Hindu

Finally, after facing atrocities from Mughals, British and Congress, the Hindus of India have emerged victorious. Half a century back, Veer Savarkar had predicted that if Hindus get united then the Congress will wear ‘Janeu Dhari’ outside their coat.

This golden moment has come finally come during the Gujarat elections. After Rahul Gandhi exposed his real religion by signing on the non-Hindu register, the Congress is making all its efforts to save his image.

“Not only is Rahul Gandhi ji a Hindu, he is a ‘jeneu dhari’ Hindu. So BJP should not bring down the political discourse to this level. This was the statement made by RS Surjewala, a senior Congress leader.

By saying this, the senior Congress leader has scored yet another self-goal. Rahul Gandhi had once said that he was a Brahmin and every Indians are aware of the facts that Brahmins are pure vegetarians. But can you believe that even after claiming to be a Brahmin, Rahul Gandhi had consumed fish?


In the year 2014, Rahul Gandhi had consumed non-veg food items in a restaurant named Hotel Gold Finch in Mangalore. He and his team had consumed yetti (prawns), ghee raost, makkai tikka and naati sukka which is a coastal specialty. Along with it, kane (lady fish cury) was also consumed. Isn’t this an insult done to the Brahmins of India?

How Hindus emerged victorious?

There was a day when Rahul Gandhi called Hindus as terrorists. “The bigger threat (to India) may be the growth of radicalized Hindu groups, which create religious tensions and political confrontations with the Muslim community”, this was the statement was made by Rahul Gandhi in the United States of America in the year 2009.

But now Rahul Gandhi is seen hopping from one temple to another in the poll bound Gujarat. His forehead is covered with ‘Tilak’. He even claimed himself as a Shiv-Bhakt.

In a bid to project himself as a hardcore Hindu, Rahul Gandhi didn’t even give out a single statement that may hurt the Hindus.

Have a look at the below tweet which proves that Rahul Gandhi’s father had opposed the reconstruction of the Somnath temple.

Not just this, Rahul Gandhi didn’t even wear Muslim skull cap nor attended mosques in his election rally. This is the biggest win for the Hindus of India. For 70 years, the voice of Hindus never united like how it has now united. So when Hindus unite, even our enemies start respecting us and even follows our religion like how Rahul Gandhi is doing right now.

Hansika Raj


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