“Bihar and UP people come and take up local jobs in Madhya Pradesh” Congress CM Kamal Nath’s stunner!

While the Congress was fighting Bihar and UP elections what were the slogans they made?? “BJP leaders treat UP and Bihari people as outsiders, they are attacked in states like Maharashtra, Gujarat and Karnataka when they go there looking for jobs, but we treat everyone equally and provide them all benefits”.

These were the words they made while fighting Bihar, UP and Gujarat elections. But no wonder these words were just made for the sake of elections which are now being proved right. Just a day after Kamal Nath was sworn in as the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, he has made a shocking statement maligning the entire Bihar and UP people whom they once used as vote banks.

The new CM of MP who is a close aid of Gandhi family has made a stunning statement saying that the incentives to Industries will be given only to those who hire 70% local candidates. He said that the Biharis and UP people come to Madhya Pradesh and snatch local jobs which will leave the locals jobless.

Kamal Nath who held a press conference said, “Our schemes of providing incentives of investment will only be imposed after 70% people from MP get employment. People from states like Bihar and UP come here and local people don’t get jobs. I have signed the file for this,” Nath said at his first press conference as CM. He announced the opening of four garment parks in the state, and added the local jobs rider. “

“We have laid the first condition to generate jobs for local people and only those industries that promote jobs for locals will get incentives,” the CM added. Hours after taking oath, Nath signed off files to clear this and agri loan waiver  , as promised by Rahul Gandhi. “After taking over, the first file I signed was the promise we have made in our Vachan Patra (manifesto) to farmers that loans up to Rs 2 lakh will be waived. I signed this file to keep the promise of Congress,” Nath told reporters.

His statement has racked up huge controversy as the Congress has always mocked others of targeting UP and Bihar people. But the real fact here is, it is the Congress which pretends to speak for Biharis while Bihar elections and stab the same people while fighting a different state.

Now, the question is Congress which used Biharis during Gujarat and Maharashtra elections openly admit they did that only for elections?! Rahul Gandhi who turns into a seasoned Religious leader depending on where the elections are held, he changes his stance which are completely contrary to each other.

It is because the people’s memory in India is short, they are fooled time and again by such people who say “We love Biharis” in Bihar and preach “Biharis steal your job” in a different state.  The media will never highlight this as it doesn’t suit their PR agenda to serve Congress. If the same words were said by a BJP man, probably Rahul Gandhi would have landed in Bihar with his media agents to hold protest. But now the same man is hiding in his protected lutyens ecosystem avoiding making any statements.

Let the people decide if they think Rahul Gandhi and his party who can lie so blatantly can solve the country’s problem.

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