‘Bizarre’ and ‘Ridiculous’ to Say I Have ‘Y’ Category Security Says Arnab Goswami!

Arnab Goswami’s growing popularity has unsettled many in the media, leading to systematic spreading of rumours as ‘news’. Why else would several news outlets run the false news that the Times Now anchor is to be given Y- category security by the Government?

Quashing the story, Goswami told The News Minute < source: http//www.thenewsminute.com/article/bizarre-and-ridiculous-suggest-i-have-y-security-arnab-goswami-tnm-51801 > : “It’s bizarre and beyond ridiculous to suggest I am walking around with 20 security guards and Y category security. I am thoroughly amused”. Sources in Times Now have also said that no security cover was requested, and neither did the government make any such offer.

It was this baseless story that formed the base of lengthy articles (http://www.scroll.in/article/819270/questions-about-rnab-goswamis-y-security-cver-that-the-nation-should-be-asking) severely criticizing Arnab.

The aim was quite obviously to accuse the Modi government of favouritisim, thereby alleging that Arnab’s ‘nationalist’ reporting has secured him this favour.  Without caring about the truth, some journalists are quick to cast accusations on the functioning of key ministries of the government, alleging that they are acting in a biased manner.

Turning a convenient lie to their political benefit, it is ironic that they call Arnab an “opportunist”. < http//www.dailyo.in/variety/arnab-goswami-y-security-cover-end-vip-racism-newshour-times-now-establishment-journalism/story/1/13542.html >

It is unfortunate that the issue of a journalist getting security cover is being politicised, as in the past journalists from various news outlets have received security cover. Vested interests behind this false story are enforcing their agenda of defaming news anchors who do not follow a certain ideology and openly speak against anti-India forces. When their lies are busted, it becomes clear that falling TRPs of certain channels and rising popularity of Arnab’s News Hour is becoming irksome to some people. Rivalries in journalism should not be taken to the level that false accusations are cast on the government, and the general public is misled.

Arushi Bahuguna