How BJP can form government in Goa and Manipur?

BJP led by Shree Narendra Modi and Amit Shah stormed into Uttar Pradesh with 323 seats in their kitty. They also whitewashed Congress led by CM Harish Rawat in Uttarakhand with 57 seats surge of 31 seats. Storm was so heavy that CM Harish Rawat himself lost both his seats. 

Punjab won by Congress with a clear mandate of 77 seats despite surge in Vote Share of 2% in Akali and BJP as compared to Lok Sabha 2014. Anti Incumbency of Akali Dal leads to Congress win. AAP a Media born bubble bursts like never before. 

But Now Question came into mind What will happen in Manipur and Goa ?

Manipur where Congress win 28 seats lost 14 seats and fell short by 3 seats. BJP despite having better Vote Share than Congress win 21 seats and fell short of 10 seats for majority. BJP didn’t fight elections alone, In Manipur BJP fought along with LJP, NPF and NPP. 

Vote Share of BJP is Highest with 36%, Congress came second with 34% Vote Share. If you combine all seats then BJP (21 seats ), NPF (4 seats), NPP (4 seats) ,1 LJP and 1 Independent they can form Government with BJP as major party. Manipur Congress Party already accepted defeat in Press Conference and now its on NDA or North East Democratic Alliance (NEDA) to form Majority Government. 

Let’s come on Goa Verdict. In Goa BJP got a fractured mandate due to CM Laxmikant Parsekar who himself lost his seat. In Goa also BJP got highest vote share of 33%, Congress got Vote Share of 28%, AAP fell flat with 6% Vote Share only and 0 seats. If you remember How Arvind Kejriwal claimed that he will win Goa with majority. All these claims being endorsed by media fell flat. 

Congress got 17 seats in Goa, BJP got 13 seats, MGP which broke its alliance just 2 days back of Election & got 3 seats, GFP maintained its 3 seats and Independent got 4 seats. BJP will succeed in bringing its alliance partner MGP and GFP then its tally will reach 19 seats and then BJP just needs 2 independent to form Government of majority. This is very much possible and soon It will be announced too.

With this magical show in all 5 states, Hopefully BJP will form Government in 4 states and Congress in 1 state. AAP despite its High Claims performs very bad with 39 out of 40 seats in Goa, AAP lost its deposit and in Punjab with 27 seats AAP lost deposits in many seats.

Abhishek Kumar


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