As BJP Comes to Power, Bihar Becomes Communal Again; Shocked? Let us know the reality

Nine out of ten news reports on communal incidents and violence by cow vigilantes arise out of BJP-ruled states. One would guess that all crimes take place only in BJP-ruled states and states ruled by Congress and other parties are brimming with peace and harmony. But this is far from the truth.

Bihar is a hub of criminal activity. The law and order situation in the state is one of the worst in the nation. When JDU-RJD came to power, there were regular incidents of local BJP leaders being killed by assailants. Clearly, goons in these parties, particularly the RJD went rogue in the glee of victory.

These incidents were just the tip of the iceberg. But the media didn’t report many, and those that it did report were given little coverage. Incidents of violence by some fake cow vigilantes and those against genuine cow protectors were completely ignored when these two parties were in power. Now, suddenly the media is interested in reporting the violence by cow vigilantes.

This is a screenshot from the Twitter handle of Hindustan Times that reported the alleged violence by some cow vigilantes after JDU-BJP formed the government –

Before the BJP came to power in the centre and in some states, violence by cow vigilantes and violence on them were completely ignored by the media because the media didn’t want to portray a bleak law and order situation in non-BJP ruled states.

Now that the BJP has come to power in Bihar, one will be bombarded with news of every small act of violence, and every minute scene of lack of development will be highlighted with great pomp.

The reality of Bihar is that the people are happy with the BJP coming to power. Even though the BJP got the least number of seats in the Bihar polls amongst the three parties, its vote share rose by 6% to 24%, meaning almost every one in four voted for the BJP. Both the JDU’s and RJD’s vote share declined. Despite how the numbers fared, the people wanted BJP in power.

Here is a tweet of Praveen Patil – one of the best analysers of politics in the nation – that highlights how people in the state are relieved with the change in power –

Vinayak Jain