BJP crossed the majority mark in Karnataka? Amit Shah has sent a list of 113 MLAs and it will be handed over to the governor

Now here’s something great to hear for the people of Karnataka as well as the whole of India.The on-going war in Karnataka has probably come to an end with a series of protest by the Congress and JDS.

Sources have revealed that BJP President Amit Shah has sent a list of 113 MLAs and this list will be submitted to the governor.

BJP wanted just 8 more MLA’s into its bag and here its done by the big brains of the party. The largest single party in India has swapped away a clean victory. The BJP President has kept up his promise of getting this victory to his party. With this submission of list of names, the confirmation of BJP forming the government is clear enough.

I do not understand why so much of outrage over BJP’s victory? What is wrong in BJP forming the government?If people of Karnataka wanted congress they would have voted and they would have won but they didn’t! It is a simple logic and it should be understood if you are literate enough.

I agree truth is bitter to be accepted. Helping the nation unite is a service we all need to do. At the end it’s the welfare of the nation is what we want. Congress is a party that has always played when the rules were made by them, playground was theirs and the players belonged to them. The rules have been made fair, hence they find themselves uncomfortable.

Why raise questions on the Governor now? Calling him an agent of BJP party is completely unacceptable. You call yourself the India’s oldest party and this is what you do? And all this simply because you did not receive a favorable verdict on your part?

You call it “Death of Democracy”, we call it “Death of Dynasty Politics”!! Democracy was dead long back when congress divided the country and started appeasement politics.

Credits: Republic World