BJP would have easily won 115 seats!!! It’s not Congress, you’ll be shocked to know who defeated those 16 BJP candidates 

More than 10 renowned exit polls had said that PM Modi’s BJP will win by a thumping margin. But at the end of the day, BJP ended up securing just 99 seats in Gujarat. Although, BJP will be forming the government, one question that haunts everyone is why BJP’s seats decreased significantly? Is this because the Modi magic has lost its impact when compared to the Uttar Pradesh elections?

It was not Congressmen, but BJP was dumped by their own men!!!

  • Can you believe that 5 lakh people had opted the (None of the above) NOTA facility? These 5 lakhs voters were perhaps the voters of BJP and this made the biggest impact on the Gujarat elections.
  • In several places, BJP lost with few hundreds of margin. If the (None of the above) NOTA was reduced than the BJP candidates would have easily cruised ahead to victory.
  • 16 seats were such that BJP clearly lost due to (None of the above) NOTA. The reason for an increase in NOTA is that the trader class, Patidars and Dalits didn’t vote for any party. The reason is clear; they were hurt by BJP. At some places, BJP had done mistakes and in some other constituencies, Congress was successful in misleading the people.

Below, we have mentioned the scenario with screenshots of votes secured by every candidate in the certain constituency where BJP lost because of NOTA.

In Chota Udaipur, the NOTA is 5870 and the margin of defeat for BJP is less than 1000 votes. If 20 percent of the people who decided not to vote for any candidate had voted in favour of BJP, then the BJP candidate Jashubhai Bhilubhai Rathwa would have easily won.

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In Dangs, NOTA is 2184 and the margin of defeat for the BJP candidate is not more than 800 votes. Even in Dangs, the margin is very narrow and this symbolises that BJP’s voters have opted not to vote for any, or else there was no chance that BJP’s seats would decline.

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In Dasada, the margin of defeat was less than 4000 votes but the NOTA was 3797. This could also have been an easy win for BJP.

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In Deodar, the margin of defeat was less than 1000 votes but the NOTA was 2988.

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In Dhanera constituency, BJP lost with just over 2000 votes whereas the NOTA was 2341 votes.

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In Jamjodhpur, BJP lost for less than 3000 votes and the NOTA was 3214 votes.

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In Kaprada, BJP lost by a minor margin. yes, Congress won with a lead of 170 votes but the NOTA was 3868 votes. BJP candidate Raut Madhubhai Bapubhai will never forget this defeat, so close but so far.

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In Mansa, BJP lost with less than 600 votes but the NOTA was 3000 votes.

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In Modasa, the margin of defeat was just below 200 votes and the NOTA filed was 3515 votes.

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IN Morbi, the margin of loss and the NOTA was almost the same.

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In Morva Hadaf, BJP lost by below 400 0 votes but the NOTA was nearly 5000 votes.

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In Sojitra, BJP lost by just over 2000 votes but the NOTA was 3112.

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In Talaja, BJP lost with just over 1000 votes the NOTA was closer to 3000 votes.

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In Wankaner, BJP lost with just over 1000 votes whereas the NOTA was over 3000 votes.

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In Lunawada, BJP lost with a margin of 4000 votes and even the NOTA margin was almost the same.

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Turning point!!! Why BJP lost several winning seats?

  • By the above picture, we can say that those who were hurt due to the poor implementation of GST, had decided not to vote for BJP. But they also didn’t have any alternate option. That’s the reason they voted for NOTA.
  • Few months ago, there were rumours that Dalits were attacked for sporting their moustache. But later it was found out that it was a fake allegation. But Congress took advantage of this in order to project BJP as an anti-Dalit party.
  • Even the Patidar agitation hit the BJP adversely which in turn ended up in the increasing number of NOTA.
  • So, there is nothing called Rahul Gandhiwake in Gujarat. But due to the mistakes of BJP, Congress has been benefitted.

What BJP has to learn from this?

  • The None of the above (NOTA) is always a negative factor for the BJP. When the public loses their trust on BJP, they search for some party.
  • But in the present political scenario, there is no other party that is more efficient than BJP. When this is the condition, people will definitely opt for NOTA.
  • This helps the Congress party as the margin of between BJP and Congress candidate decreases massively.

BJP should take a keen note on minor factors of particular constituencies as opinion defers from place to place. Congress has very well executed the “divide and rule” policy using Hardik Patel, Alpesh Thakore and Jignesh Mewani. BJP failed to counter the lies spread by these 3 in Gujarat. Hence, the majority of the rural people voted for Congress. But Urban voters were with BJP due to the awareness spread on social medias like Facebook and Twitter.

Let us have a look at what the people said on NOTA gaining prominence?

“5 lakh NOTA!!??.. Lot of voters in Gujarat who are put off by BJP’s policies or arrogance, but still can’t get themselves to vote for Cong which is perceived to be close to minorities”.

“Nearly 5.52 Lakh votes for NOTA. Guess they are mostly people who were disappointed with BJP but are reluctant to vote for Congress”.

“5 lakh NOTA!!??.. Lot of voters angry with BJP but didn’t want to vote for Congress, so went for NOTA!
NOTA helped Congress win additional 16 seats which could have gone to BJP”.


Here’s a tweet that proves Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP is Lilliput!!!

1) AAP lost deposits on all seats in Gujarat.
2) Total vote share of AAP is 0.003% (NOTA got 1.8%)

And, they think Kejriwal will become PM in 2019.


Hansika Raj


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