BJP Membership Drive Was A Massive Success With 17.50 Crore Members In Just 54 Days! How Did BJP Manage To Achieve This Feat?

With the culmination of its successful membership drive  BJP has increased strength  as nearly 6 crore new members have joined the party. The BJP’s membership has increased from 11 crore to 17.50 crore in just 54 days since June-July this year when the membership drive  was launched.

This time the campaign was organized in a systematic manner unlike in 2014,    where there was aim to get as many missed calls as possible. This time the party decided to  include the social responsibility aspect too.

The Prime Minister had given three responsibilities to those going for a membership drive. The BJP worker had to spread awareness about Swachata without fail in every village. They had to plant five saplings each and also undertake some initiative for water conservation.

In addition, the BJP also relied on the good old word-of-mouth strategy to attract new members. The party had trained thousands of its workers across different states to reach more people, especially the uneducated.

The workers would go to the villages, railway platforms, bus stands and other crowded places, informing people about the BJP’s ideology.

The party had employed 26 IT professional in the state who worked all day long to register new members into the party ranks.

Also to reach out to the grass roots level, the party had given each of its panchs, sarpanchs and corporates task to recruit atleast 500 members by reaching out to people in their respective areas.

The special focus of the drive was to reach out to the weaker sections of the society and associate them with the party and its programmes.

BJP has achieved such distinction while working on the principle of considering nation and its interests. The BJP led Government has displayed its real concern for every section of the society by launching various welfare schemes which helped improve their socio-economic status.

Even in Jammu Kashmir, the BJP has received overwhelming response to party’s membership drive in the post Article 370 abrogation period, with large number of people seen enthusiastic to get themselves associated with the party.

In just 10 days of the launch, south Kashmir, which is known as militancy hotbed, had registered 27,000 new members of BJP workers.

Similarly, in central Kashmir, 23,000 new members have joined the party in the past ten days of recruitment and 26,000 new members joined the party in North Kashmir.

The membership drive conducted by BJP caught the attention of the Communist party of China the largest party in the world until 2015.After which, the BJP surpassed it by enrolling 8.8 crore members.

BJP leaders, who were part of a delegation that visited China in August, told  that CPC officials were shocked and had a lot of questions on the membership structure of the party such as “How did the BJP build its organisation in the past five years? How does the BJP use its party machinery during elections? How does the BJP conduct its membership drive?”

The campaign which started on July 6 was concluded on August 20th this year. The party had set a target of increasing its membership by 20 percent  but now  the membership has increased by 60 percent.

Sharanya Alva


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