Was BJP Minister Hurled Out of Delhi Assembly for his Question on ‘Aloo’ to Kejriwal?

One thing we must grant to the Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal! His media management is undoubtedly and unbeatably the best! When the whole social Media is exposing and attacking Aam Aadmi Party and its leader, Mainstream Media is remarkably silent and supportive. And why not!

When the overall budget of Delhi Government for the financial year amounted to Rs 41,120 Crore, a whopping share of Rs 526 Crore was paid to Media for Advertising and publicity. It was 2200% more than the previous budget balanced with the curtailments in the budgets for other areas like Roads and Infrastructure, Nutrition and so on. Apart from this controversial official budget, other funding options like Hawala, NGOs also make a major contribution. No wonder if the Paid Media pays back with equal  gratitude!

Yesterday, on 16th November, Delhi Assembly House witnessed the most interesting turn of events that would have soared the TRP of the News channels if not for the above mentioned indebtedness. . Kejriwal was presenting to pass the ridiculous Resolution demanding that the President of India should withdraw the Demonetization order. The self acclaimed crusader on Corruption was condemning this historic move of PM Modi on Corruption and Black money. To peddle this shameless act, Kejriwal was attacking on PM Modi for his alleged name in Birla Diaries. The base for this rant was a personal scribble of some Birla Officer on a piece of paper that read abbreviations known best to the said officer. [Gujarat CM -25 cr (12 done-rest?) ] And Fabricated Sahara documents.

When Kejriwal was passing the resolution, Opposition Leader Vijendar Gupta stood up all of a sudden shouted at Kejriwal about his Sex Scandal on Social Media that has earned him a name “Aloo”! Vijender Gupta hurled questions to  Kejriwal, “Who is this Shilpa ? Why Chief Minister is referred as ‘Aloo’in Social Media. Kejriwalji , what is this sex scandal? What is your link with this Shilpa?” To know the background of the news, read the link below.


Former colleague exposes Kejriwal’s sleazy affair at Thiruvananthapuram Guest House on Nov 18, 2008

The extra-marital sex scandal of Kejriwal from his past days of NGO resurfaced recently on SM when an ex-colleague Kapil Bajaj wrote on the issue. The lady in question is holding a Statutory Body as a goodwill gesture from Kejriwal. The name of Swati Malliwal is making rounds ever since Kejriwal’s wife confirmed that Swati has given Kejriwal the pet name as Aloo.

In the light of such sensitive issue, the outcry by BJP Minister in Delhi assembly House resulted into a stunned silence of embarrassment followed by ruckus by AAP MLAs.  The Speaker quickly announced the adjournment of the house for 15 minutes. Kejriwal also made a hurried exit from the house. But there was no relief for humiliated Kejriwal yet. After the reassembling of the House, Vijender Gupta again attacked Kejriwal with awkward questions about Aloo Scandal. Speaker got the BJP Minister out of the House for asking tricky questions that Kejriwal had no answers to.

After getting out of the Assembly House, Vijender Gupta gave a sound byte to the Media. But Media was as silent as Kejriwal. He also gave press releases to all print media but no one has published it as of now. But the people came to know about the incident when the SM went viral with Vijender Gupta’s tweet.

Well, it’s a democratic country, not a Hitler’s rule. Whatever the small size of Opposition, the anarchy of Delhi Government would come to light, sooner or later!

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi