BJP President Amit Shah rips apart Rahul Gandhi in just one statement! Here’s how Rahul Gandhi’s “Moral Victory” backfired

Congress party president Rahul Gandhi has got one more opportunity to claim “moral victory”. Indians have not forgotten how Congress had to face a pathetic defeat in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. Before Congress president Rahul Gandhi could recover from these blows, he has yet again tasted defeats in the bypolls as the results that were out on Sunday said Congress witnessed a massive victory.

In the 5 bypolls, BJP sealed victory in 5 constituencies but Rahul Gandhi achieved moral victory by winning in ‘ZERO’ constituencies. BJP won two seats in Arunachal Pradesh and one seat in rural Uttar Pradesh. This made it clear that the voters are impressed by the development model of the BJP government in the nation.

Apart from BJP winning 3 seats, Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress (TMC) won a seat and even TTV Dinakaran won the RK Nagar bypoll, but Rahul Gandhi wave was missing in the nation.


How BJP party President Amit Shah mocked Congress party President Rahul Gandhi?

Amit Shah has once again proved that BJP is invincible no matter what dirty trick Congress follows. Even after continuously losing since 1995 in Gujarat, Rahul Gandhi was proudly claiming it a moral victory. This can be called as heights of optimism.

I hope Congress leaders won’t claim a ‘moral victory’ even today. After being rejected by Gujarat and Himachal, they have been rejected by people in Arunachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. People do not want to accept the corruption and misgovernance of Congress”, this was how he sarcastically ripped apart Congress president Rahul Gandhi.

Can you believe this? Congress has pathetically lost in three states and has kneeled down in front of the Modi wave. In just 8 days of coronation, Rahul Gandhi has lost in Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal yet few media houses are claiming that a new leader is born, in the form of Rahul Gandhi.

Later, in a series of tweets, Mr Shah explained how the voters are inclining towards BJP?

  • The rise in BJP’s support in Sabang (West Bengal) is noteworthy. Our party is fast emerging as an alternative to the anti-people TMC & Left front, which have ruined the West Bengal. We will keep working for the people of West Bengal. I appreciate the hard work of BJP’s Bengal Unit.
  • The victories in Likabali and Pakke Kesang in Arunachal Pradesh show the strong appreciation of PM Modi’s ‘Act East policy’. We will continue to serve the Northeast and ensure that the fruits of development reach every citizen. Congrats to CM Pemakhandu & BJP’s Arunachal Unit.
  • The result in Sikandra illustrates the support of farmers and villages towards BJP. BSP’s tacit support to SP did not help. BJP’s good governance agenda prevailed over anti-development politics of the Opposition. Congrats to CM @myogiadityanath, Dr MN Pandey & our karyakartas.
  • After impressive wins in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, BJP’s winning spree continues. Today the Party has won 3 out of 5 seats, 1 seat in rural Uttar Pradesh and 2 in Arunachal Pradesh. I thank the people of these states for supporting the BJP.

BJP increases its vote share by 8 folds in West Bengal!

Even though the BJP has lost in West Bengal, the vote share has increased 8 folds, which is really spectacular. In the year 2016, BJP had secured just 4600 votes but on Sunday, the votes secured by BJP was 37,476. But in the year 2016, Congress had won the Sabang seat but this time, it lost this seat and even landed up in fourth position.


Have a look at the Uttar Pradesh vote shares!

BJP’s Ajit Singh Pal secured 73,284 votes (44.86 per cent), while Seema Sachan of the Samajwadi Party (SP), managed to garner 61,423 votes (37.60 per cent). But Prabhakar Pandey of the Congress secured  just19,084 votes

Hansika Raj