BJP pulls out of alliance with PDP in Jammu and Kashmir! Indians will love BJP after knowing the reason behind this bold move

The BJP under the leadership of Amit Shah has taken a sensational decision in the history of Indian politics. Yes, today the BJP has decided to pull out of its ruling alliance with the PDP in Jammu and Kashmir. Sources have said that the decision has been taken by BJP president Amit Shah after holding a  meeting with J&K ministers.

“Just before news of the alliance breaking was announced, the J&K Deputy CM had hit out at CM Mehbooba Mufti over her wish for the Ramzan ceasefire to be extended”, said a report.

Here’s the reason why BJP decided up to come out of the alliance!

  • It was important on BJP’s part that it should have had a strong presence in Jammu and Kashmir, but the party has once again set a benchmark by upholding the national interest.
  • Yes, the BJP pulled out just because the PDP was going soft on the terrorists, separatists and even the stone-pelters who were working against India.
  • Even though the Indian army was given a free hand by the BJP in the valley, the PDP was trying to attack the freedom given to the Army.
  • This was evident from how series of FIRs were filed against the Indian Army was being strict against the rogue stone pelters.

So the BJP has once again proved that power is not important but safeguarding the nation is the prime importance of the party.

After the 2014 J&K Assembly election, the BJP that got 25 seats, had joined hands with the PDP which had secured 28 seats. But as time passed, the PDP showed its true colors by being soft on the anti-national forces.

What next? Will PDP join hands with National Conference (NC)?

Reports have said that the governor’s rule will be imposed in the Jammu and Kashmir. “Governor’s rule is now likely to be imposed on the state. Governor’s rule will ensure zero political interference in operations” stated Republic TV.

The Congress party has just 12 seats in the valley whereas the National Conference (NC) has 15 seats. As none of the parties have a clear majority, there is no other option other than imposing president’s rule in the valley.

  • BJP to pull out from its alliance with PDP in Jammu & Kashmir. Earlier a meeting was held between NSA Ajit Doval and Amit Shah. Surely some interesting times ahead in the valley.

Few days ago an Indian wanted this alliance to end! Surprising his wish has come true!

  • It’s high time to end this political gatbandhan BJP+PDP in Jammu & Kashmir all political class are compromised, President rule should have been imposed long back, once the ethnic cleansing is done all the terrorist and Pakistan sympathizers are neutralist go for democratic process

The decision of coming out from the alliance was announced by the BJP in a press conference by its senior leader Ram Madhav!

The BJP ministers in J&K didn’t have a free hand as there was a regular interruption from Mufti’s PDP. Mr Ram Madhav said,

  • Keeping in mind that Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India, we have decided that it is time the reins of power in the state be handed over to the Governor.
  • We had suspended operations in the Valley because of the importance of Ramzan for the people in Jammu and Kashmir. We had expected a good response from the Hurriyat. This was a goodwill gesture. But during this one month, there was no appropriate response from the terrorists and other people.

In the past 3 years, nearly 600 terrorists were killed by the Indian Army and this was only because the BJP gave a free hand to the Indian Army.

Hansika Raj