Can a used and thrown tissue paper be rolled and used again?

Since past 2 years, there has been a trend developed in the Indian politics, that is, the mass migration of Congress leaders to BJP. After the debacle of 2014 general elections, the Congress leaders very well know they do not have future, so they now want to abandon the sinking ship and change their loyalty.

We have seen top Congress leaders joining BJP since 2 years, most of these people are not just second line leaders, but belong to the top cadre of the Congress party. It all began by Jayanthi Natarajan who quit Congress just months after BJP formed government in centre. Slowly the trend started to pick up and top leaders like Jagdambika Pal, D. Purandeswari, Satpal Maharaj started joining BJP.

Recently not just top leaders, the Ex-CM of Karnataka S M Krishna quit Congress ad joined BJP. Another top minister from Congress Karnataka, Srinivas Prasad also joined BJP. Rita Bahuguna Joshi who was considered a very close aide of Ruhul Gandhi quit Congress just before the UP elections and contested elections on a BJP ticket. She is now a cabinet minister in Yogi’s governmnet in UP. Now, Arvinder Singh Lovely, a top leader from Delhi Congress joined BJP.

But, the first question we need to ask is, is it really necessary for the BJP to include every Tom, Dick and Harry to the party? Let’s think rationally and check the background of these leaders and what ideology did they stand for when they were in Congress party. The Congress party’s core ideology is corruption, pseudo secularism, minority appeasement, anti Hinduism and anti Nationalism. On the other hand, the core ideology of the BJP has always been Nationalism, no appeasement politics to any community. So the core agenda of these two parties are exactly opposite. Will those people who supported Congress’s anti India stand supporting terrorists like Ishrat Jahan, Shorabuddin, Afzal Guru change their mindset all of a sudden and accept the nationalist ideology? Will they accept and fight for the rights of Kashmiri Pandits who were brutally murdered by the so called secular community in Kashmir? Will they talk for the construction of Ram Mandhir?

A party is not build by 1-2 people, but built with the hard work of thousands of people. Most of the BJP leaders come from RSS and they are trained to work for the country, many people have left their homes, family and have dedicated their lives for the country and the party.

But Congress is a party which was not built on ideology but mostly on personalities! Most people joined the party because they were either close to Nehru-Gandhi family or they were rich. Eventually the party turned out to be nothing more than a dynasty run business.

Every day we see hundreds of RSS BJP people being killed in places like Kerala and West Bengal, these karyakartas are grass level workers and would have spent all their life working for party. But imagine the Congress person who had plot the murder of BJP karyakarta joins BJP just because he has no future in his party. What message does it send to the karyakartas?

So Srinivas Prasad, a top Congress and Dalit leader joined BJP few months back, but miserably lost the elections in Nanjungudu by-polls, so what benefit did he bring to the party? Arvinder Singh Lovely too joined BJP, but how many votes is he capable of getting to BJP? These people would have enjoyed their life minting money while in Congress and once they are thrown out declaring useless, they join BJP to make themselves secure. Should BJP forgive their corruption and scams just because they joined and came along?

ND Tewari also joined BJP. He is the same person who was caught in a sex scandal. How did such a person join BJP, where did the ideology go? Was it really necessary to accept such a person?

BJP leadership should remember if they bring one leader from Congress they will lose hundred Karyakartas who would have fought against the person.

Has BJP got no talent, more than 50,000 people join RSS, the most basic training they get in RSS is developing leadership qualities, does it mean they are worth less? Most of the Chief Ministers from BJP today are from RSS, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi who was also an RSS pracharak once.

No parachute leaders have been good for any party, it simply shows the person is behind power and money and has no ideology or principle. The biggest mistake party can make is bringing outsiders and neglecting the core workers. Giving opportunity to those people who believe in ideology should be the criteria. If not, both Congress or BJP will have no difference. What is the use of having the same corrupt people in a different party, will it change the fact of their corruption, nepotism and betrayal of the country?

One of the prime accused in Aircel Maxis scam was Ex Finance Minister P chidambaram, tomorrow if he expresses his desire to join BJP, will BJP agree and pardon him of all scams??

An issue which BJP has to think seriously!

Aishwarya S