BJP supporters, please don’t get disappointed! BJP can come to power in Karnataka within the next few days, by executing this masterstroke

What the Indians witnessed few hours ago was quintessential on how the people’s mandate was thrown into the dustbin. The unholy alliance finally succeeded in pulling down the party that emerged as the single largest in Karnataka. Soon after getting the invitation from the governor, the Congress-JD (S) alliance will execute its stratagem to prove its majority in the floor of the house.

But is this the end of the game? Should the BJP wait for another 5 years to try its luck in ruling the state? Is there any chance for the BJP to form its government in the next few days or weeks?

The answer is a big yes!!!

Today, the entire right-wingers on the social media were the most disappointed because they were the ones who were circulating memes avouching that Amit Shah will do the magic in the floor test. But the BJP didn’t even go closer towards their expectations.

But this is not the end as the “battle for the thrones” has not ended in Karnataka and the BJP has all likelihood
to cross the floor test. Below are the possibilities to support my claims.

Possibility 1:




Today, even after emerging as the single as the largest party, Mr BS Yeddyurappa had to resign. The same might happen with Mr Kumaraswamy also. Now that the governor Vajubhai Vala will invite Congress-JD (S) to prove their majority, Kumaraswamy might swear in as the Chief Minister of the state on Monday.

His alliance claim that they have 116 seats but if the BJP succeeds in convincing few of the Congress- JD (S) MLAs not to vote in favor of the alliance during the floor test, then even Mr Kumaraswamy might resign like how Mr BS Yeddyurappa did today.

Possibility 2:




The “Possibility 2” is almost similar to that of “Possibility 1”. Here, the Congress- JD (S) might assume that they have the majority and go for a floor test. But during the floor test if the MLAs from the alliance don’t vote in their favour, then Mr Kumaraswamay must resign as the Chief Minister of the state. Then BJP will again get the chance to prove the majority from the government.

Why there are high chances for “Possibility 1” or “Possibility 2” to take place?

  • After the election results, even the Congress leaders cannot deny the fact that Mr Siddaramaiah’s attempt to divide the Lingayats had clearly backfired on them.
  • There are more than 1000 Lingayat Mutts and only a handful of Mutts had supported the separate religion tag. There were even reports that the rest of the Mutts that were against the decision of Siddaramaiah were pressurizing the 20 MLAs from Congress- JD (S) to dump the alliance and join hands with BJP.
  • So, if a couple of dozens of Lingayat MLAs join hands with the BJP, then BJP under the leadership of Mr BS Yeddyurappa would easily come to power in the state during another floor test.
  • One Congress MLA Anand Singh who was formerly with BJP might show his loyalty to BJP. Another Congress MLA who was formerly a close aide of BJP MLA B Sriramulu might swap the party. So, if the BJP executes its “Operation Lotus” more carefully in the coming days than this time, BJP would cross the 120 mark easily.
  • Don’t forget that earlier BJP didn’t have much time to convince other MLAs but now the party will get ample time to hold discussions with the MLAs of other parties as stocking them in resorts anymore is difficult.

Resigning from the Chief Minister post by BS Yeddyurappa might turn as a masterstroke:

Resigning from the Chief Minister post might emerge as the masterstroke. The BJP might have had a clue that they lack the numbers, that’s why BJP didn’t go for the floor test. If in case BJP went for a floor test, they would have faced a massive embarrassment if they didn’t cross the majority mark.

That’s why the BJP might have had abstained from it. The next step is to stop the Congress- JD (S) to cross the majority mark in the floor test which might perhaps take place next week. The final step is to pull in the Congress- JD (S) MLAs to BJP when it gets the chance to prove majority once again after the alliance has failed.

So, the BJP’s image won’t get tarnished in the eyes of the public because they didn’t go for repeated floor tests.

Hansika Raj