BJP to move privilege motion against Rahul Gandhi for making false accusations in the Parliament!

The morning session of Parliament was nothing but a comedy show by Rahul Gandhi who achieved new milestone with his funny acts and silly behavior. Rahul Gandhi who started his speech on No-confidence Motion with an attack on Prime Minister completely forgot that he was in Parliament and needs to have substantial evidence and not fake rhetoric for every word he speaks.

Losing the plot, Rahul Gandhi went on to claim things which he could not provide proof. He attacked PM Modi on Rafale deal saying that the Government was indulging in corruption and did not put the documents in public. But the fact is, the initiative of Rafale deal was started during the UPA government 10 years back which had hit a dead lock after the Congress failed to strike the deal benefiting India. Modi government had then cleared the deal getting a better price and more advanced fighter jets. The President of France had confirmed that the Rafale deal was a win-win situation for both the countries and Modi government had put a strong fight for Rafale jets.

However, Rahul Gandhi and Congress have made it a habit to spread fake news on Rafale deal just for the reason that Modi government got credit for solving a decade long problem. Rahul Gandhi had previously made allegations of corruption in many of his elections speeches, but this time he did not realise he was speaking in Parliament and his words needs substantial proof. He continued his same story which has now given an opportunity to the BJP to move privilege motion against Rahul Gandhi.

Giving a massive rebut to Rahul Gandhi’s claims, Defence minister Nirmala Sitaraman showed the proof of the Rafale documents which had the Secrecy Agreement with France that was signed in 2008 (under the Congress lead UPA) which also had the Rafale deal in it.

Rahul Gandhi’s silly talk did not end there as he continued to make vague claims that PM Modi had helped 15 businessmen of the country to loot money. He went on to say that demonetization helped only rich people to loot people’s money. These claims were not only silly but baseless with no proof.

He again went on to say that he was the person who introduced GST in the UPA government. But in reality, Rahul Gandhi had not attended the single debate on GST nor raised any questions when the issue was brought up in Parliament both in UPA era and BJP era. So, how could he make such blatant claims on the floor of the house.

The Parliament holds the rule that no member can make accusation on a fellow MP while in his absence in the house. But Rahul Gandhi seems to have no idea about this rule and made accusation against Amit Shah who is not a member of Lok Sabha. Rahul accused BJP president Amit Shah’s son Jay Shah of corruption which again violates the rule of the house.

After series of blunders, the Lok Sabha speaker had to warn Rahul Gandhi not to make a wild allegation of a fellow colleague unless he was in a position to provide proof. She also reminded him that she has the power to remove the statements made if they are not substantial in nature. Rahul Gandhi was embarrassed and had to speak on subjects for which he had documents.

So, the BJP has now got an opportunity to prove all the claims made by Rahul Gandhi false as he failed to provide any proof. Therefore the ruling party is likely to move a privilege motion against Rahul Gandhi for misusing his privilege and making fake claims.

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