BJP will be the King Maker in Kashmir by 2021; And end the Acche Din for Separatists forever!!

BJP was a non-existent political party in Jammu and Kashmir till few years back. This was a surprising distinction for BJP, as is has been said that Jansangh Leader Shyama Prasad Mukherjee sacrificed his life for Jammu and Kashmir, the same Leader who is undoubtedly known as the inspirational figure for BJP and its ideology.

However in last couple of years, BJP has turned the tide. It has established itself from a fence sitter to a King Maker. It was able to be a part of government in this State since the independence, and it is not a mean feat by any yardstick. But now the question is that is BJP and its Leaders are satisfied with this only, or do they have any secret plans to grow further?

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh recently made a statement that Kashmir issue would be resolved by 2022. Though such statements have been made by few other Leaders in the past as well, though none of them were backed by a decisive action and timeline. This statement was indeed an exception and veracity if this statement can be understood by the action taken by the government in recent times. Government has given an absolute Free hand to Armed forces to eliminate Terrorists and on the other hand Government has initiated an unprecedented action against Separatists and their source of funding.

The panic created out of this unheard and unseen action has forced the Ameer of Muslim Deeni Mahaz, Dr Muhammad Qasim (MDM) make a statement that “It reflects New Delhi’s important plans for Kashmir, Operation all out against the militants in Kashmir, jailing of resistance leadership, American ban on the Kashmiri resistance organizations and changing the political discourse in Jammu Kashmir by raking up the issue of article 35A need to be looked at in the spectrum of this statement of Rajnath Singh.”

“In 2021 polls, BJP will emerge as single largest party in Jammu and Kashmir as it will sweep all 37 seats in Jammu while in Kashmir the 46 assembly seats will be divided amongst NC, PDP, Congress and other pro-India parties as their existence has been shrunken to Kashmir. This is the reason that all the development work is in full swing in the Jammu region,” he further added.

There is a growing fear among the Separatists and Opposition parties that if BJP grows further as per their plan, then by 2021, being the single largest party BJP will be on dictating terms to Kashmir based parties in government formation. If BJP acquires majority in J&K Assembly then it will pass a resolution requesting the President to scrap Article 370 and other supporting articles. This may lead to widespread protests in Kashmir for saving the autonomy of the state after which BJP will reconsider the request and use this scraping of autonomy as a sword hanging on the heads of Kashmiris.”

Dr. Qasim further added that “The motive of BJP through this move is to convert the freedom movement of Kashmir into a movement to safeguard the autonomy. They want to start a discourse in Kashmir that Azadi is impossible to achieve and it is better to safeguard the autonomy instead. At this stage there will be overt and covert attempts to make Hurriyat leadership join the autonomy safeguard bandwagon.”

He said, “Since PDP, NC and Congress will have been ousted from power, these parties will instigate public agitation on the autonomy issue. Congress and NC are directly responsible for the slavery of Jammu and Kashmir. Autonomy was eroded by Congress and from 1975 to 1989 NC did not lead any agitation against the erosion of autonomy. What did National Conference do when its autonomy report was thrown into dustbin by the Delhi Government? People know well PDP was created by Indian agencies to keep people interested in the electoral politics after the political standing of National conference was decimated in Kashmir.”

“The elimination of residual autonomy and bringing BJP into power and transferring the power center from Kashmir to Jammu are the three jobs PDP is carrying out with full sincerity,” Dr Qasim said, adding that “It is the responsibility of the resistance leadership to chalk out a comprehensive strategy for 2021 so that the freedom movement is saved from being converted into an autonomy safeguard movement and steps are taken to carry forward the freedom movement indigenously and independently.”

Such statements only establishes the fear among these Anti-Nationals in Jammu and Kashmir. They have misused the loopholes of Indian Constitution for so long but it seems their Acche Din are about to over.

Manish Sharma