BJP wins the first round! Two Independent MLAs withdraw their support from the Congress-JD(S) Govt in Karnataka

The Congress-JDS Government in Karnataka is on the verge of fall. Clouds of darkness are hovering all around the H. D Kumaraswamy Government. Both the political units in Karnataka BJP as well as Congress-JDS are levelling allegations of poaching of MLAs on each other.

Amidst of all this hustle- bustle it has come to forefront that two independent MLAs MLA H Nagesh and R Shankar has withdrawn support from the Congress-JD(S) coalition giving it a major setback.

Explaining their reasons as to why they have withdrawn their support from the Congress-JDS coalition Government the leaders while addressing to media said that they are not happy with the working of the Government and they feel Government is not working satisfactory for the people of the state.

MLA R Shankar said “For many years I have represented the people of my constituency. I have decided to withdraw my support. I will ensure that I fulfil the needs of the people of Karnataka and therefore I have taken this decision. This is a government of lies and is not serving the people of the state. Hence, I have taken the decision”.

While the other MLA H Nagesh who withdrew the support from this unholy alliance said “My support to coalition govt was to provide good & stable govt which utterly failed. There’s is no understanding among coalition partners. So, I decided to go with BJP to install a stable government and see that government performs better than the coalition”

The Congress leaders are denying from all these happenings and instead targeting BJP for poaching its MLAs. G Parameshwara, Deputy Karnataka CM , addressed the issue of two independent MLAs withdrawing their support and said “We have been saying that BJP is luring our MLAs through money and power but their attempts to destabilise the govt will fail. Our government is stable”.

Former CM Siddharamiah also levelled allegations against BJP and said it is only the dream of the BJP to break our Government and they will never succeed in doing so. Siddharamiah further said that BJP can go to any extent in their greed of power. He even attacked the high command of the BJP by saying that top leaders of BJP are involved in this and they are offering huge money to our leaders

It has also been reported that senior Congress leader D. K ShivaKumar has headed to Mumbai where the 7 MLAs are reported to be hiding in a hotel named Powai after all this chaos and also issued a statement attempting to play down talk of any crisis.

Although the Congress leaders are still denying of any rift in their alliance and boasting that all our MLAs are with us. But the current scenario seems to tell a different story

Source: Republic World