BJP’s #5yearchallenge takes the nation by storm! Here’s what the Modi Govt did in just 5 years which was not done by Congress in 70 years

The ten year and five year challenge has taken the internet by storm. The social media is flooded with pictures of everyone showing what difference has come in their lives in 5- 10 years. Not only this challenge has shown the remarkable changes of one’s personal life but this challenge has been well accepted by the Governments all over the world which are putting forth their work in front of people by the means of this challenge

It is best to make that people aware who always have one question in their mind What Modi Government has done for the nation

So let’s see the journey of Modi Government in these 5 years

Kumbh Mela

In 2013, only Rs. 1,300 crore were allocated for Kumbh

In 2019, Rs. 4,200 crore budget provided for Kumbh

Western Peripheral Expressway

Western Peripheral Expressway, providing world-class infrastructure, became operational in a time-bound deadline.

Bogibeel Bridge

Bogibeel Bridge, which was pending for decades, eventually saw the light of day under Modi government.

Kollam Bypass

The 13 km Kollam bypass project was delayed for 43 years. In 2015, Modi government took note of this project and completed it in 4 years.

Rural sanitation

In 2014, only 38% of the people in India had access to toilets, which reached 95% in 2018

Door-step delivery of LPG cylinders

In 2013 it was hard to get but now it is hassle free

Interest on home loans

In 2013 interest on home loans was 10.3 %  and No real estate regulatory authority was there. But Modi Government has reduced the home loans to 8.65 % and also implemented RERA


Affordable healthcare

Earlier healthcare was not easily accessible to people due to such high costs. But with the policy of Ayushmaan Bharat Modi Government has made it affordable

Indian Army empowerment

Modi Government has taken care of every need of our brave hearts

Electricity in villages

In 2013, 18452 villages were not having access to electricity. Today there is no such village

Investment in agri-food startups

Investment increased from $8.9 crore to $ 34.2 crore

Road connectivity

91 % villages are now connected to roads

Foreign Direct Investment

FDI increased from $ 36.05 billion to $ 60.97 billion

Ease of doing business

Today India ranks 77 in ease of doing business

Electricity in rural households

95 % rural houses have access to electricity 


Almost every home has one bank account

Swachh Bharat


Cleaniness of MotiJheel

Ganga Cleanliness

Transformation of Kashi

PM Shri Narendramodi has transformed Kashi like never before. Beautification of the ghats is one such remarkable work.

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana

Tough action against Maoists

Last five years have seen tough action against the Maoists. While it may have upset the Urban Naxals, hinterlands have seen massive development.

Increase in Minimum Support Price(MSP)

For the ease of farmers PM Modi Government increased the MSP


LPG Coverage

LPG Coverage increased from 55 to 90 %

Common Service Centres

More than 3 lakh service centres has been opened

Corruption Free Government

First corruption free Government of India

Increase in Medical Colleges and Seats



Investment in Urban Infrastructure

Many More.

And the list is endless. From corruption to competition, From Policy Paralysis to Work Completion,  From Scams to Skill India PM,From Fragile 5 to fastest growing . Under the leadership of PM Modi India has attained great heights

PM Modi Government has handled this challenge very well.What Congress could not do in 70 years Modi Government has done in 5 years