BJP’s Chanakya at his best! Do you know how Amit Shah slammed the Archbishop for making anti-BJP remarks?

The letter by the archbishop which has triggered a major controversy all over the nation and many intellectuals commenting and putting out their frustration towards it, here comes the BJP President Amit Shah has broken silence over the ongoing issue.

While hitting out at the opposition, the seculars and the church letter, the Bharatiya Janata Party chief Amit Shah while holding a press conference said that such comments by a religious person cannot be accepted or appreciated.

“I personally believe that no one should say things like this, for a religious person to make such comments cannot be accepted and appreciated. No one should galvanise support on the basis of religion. We are against it”, he said. 

If this was the reaction by the BJP President, there was another political leader who gave a reaction on the same issue, but it did not favor the nation from any sense. It was none other than, West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee who stood certifying the letter from the archbishop earlier this day:

“We respect all communities, castes, and Archbishops across the country, including that of Kolkata. I think whatever they said, they correctly said. It’s a fact.”,she said.

It is rather hard to digest these two different angles of opinion from the leaders of the same nation. One among them favoring the nation and its interest and the other standing against it. The stand taken by the West Bengal CM was rather expected whenever it comes to outrage regarding minorities in India.

Source: Republic World