BJP’s Muslim worker murdered but no outrage because the murder took place in Congress ruled state

Another political murder! Another BJP worker dead!

Usually, such news is heard from Kerala where Communist violence is rampant targeting BJP and RSS workers. But this latest incident comes from Mangaluru, Karnataka.

In a brutal murder, bike-borne masked men attacked two men outside the Mukkacheri Masjid on Wednesday. The person murdered, Mohammed Zubair, was a local BJP worker. The other person who was attacked is 50-year-old Elyas who is being treated for minor injuries.

Zubair and Elyas were outside a Masjid, when the assailants attacked them with lethal weapons. Zubair was killed whereas Elyas sustained injuries. CCTV footage shows that 3-4 masked men surrounded and attacked the two outside the Mukkacheri Masjid.

Zubair was a member of the Ullal Mandal Committee of the BJP. Senior leaders of the party, G Madhusudan and Anwar Manapadi stated, “This is the 13th murder of a nationalist in Dakshina Kannada district. The cold-blooded and brutal murder is highly condemnable. We have every reason to suspect that this heinous killing has been perpetrated by the drug mafia.”

It is astounding that 13 such murders have taken place yet the media has been completely ignorant. This displays the level of political hatred that’s spreading against the BJP and the sheer ignorance of the media to these brutal killings. The BJP has demanded a probe by the NIA.

The BJP is also mounting pressure on Food and Civil Supplies Minister U T Khader, as it alleges that the assailants were close to Khader. The party is demanding Khader’s resignation saying that the law and order situation in the state is rapidly collapsing.

Three states – Kerala, West Bengal and Karnataka – are becoming increasingly dangerous for ground workers and leaders of the BJP and even the RSS. The common reason why this is happening is because in all three states BJP and RSS are making considerable inroads. In response to democratically made moves by the BJP, goons of some opposition parties are resorting to violence. The BJP is now taking up this issue seriously, as it should. But the media will continue to ignore because their vested interests lie in the disintegration of the BJP.

Source: http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/bjp-worker-hacked-death-ullal-mangaluru/1/1062349.html

Vinayak Jain