BJP’s win in 2017 assembly elections has sent tremors in all parties, after AAP, now huge crisis in Samajwadi party!

After the massive win of BJP in 4 states out of 5, all parties are facing the heat and are facing severe internal revolts. Just few days before, we saw massive revolt in Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi party where many MLA’s from Delhi are now shifting their goal posts from AAP to Congress and BJP.

The huge crisis erupted after the party saw a miserable defeat in Goa and Punjab elections elections. The party which boasted that they will get over 100 seats in Punjab and 30 seats in Goa could not manage to save their deposits. The party could not stand the defeat and the AAP cadres started to blame Kejriwal for the humiliating defeat. 31 MLA’s of AAP are now secretly meeting members of Congress and BJP and expressing support for the MCD elections. There were also reports that Manish Sisodia and Arvind Kejriwal had a bitter spat few days back and many now believe that party will be soon split.

After the AAP episode, now huge crisis has erupted in Samajwadi party. After they lost Uttar Pradesh, there seem to be no hope left to SP and the party workers satrted to blame the alliance with Congress cost them elections.

But now, the SP chief Mulayum Singh Yadav has come out in open and lambasted his son Akhilesh yadav saying “one who can ditch his father, can never be loyal to anyone.”

while Mulayum Singh Yadav was addressing party supporters in Mainpuri he made a ruthless attack on his son calling him a backstabber. Mulayam slammed his son saying, “I made Akhilesh the chief minister. Never had a living father stepped aside to nominate his son for the top post, but I did.” “But what did Akhilesh gave me in return, I was never insulted in this manner,” said the SP chief.

Mulayam’s brother Shivpal Yadav was seen standing by his side while the SP founder ridiculed his son. Mulayam hit out at Akhilesh for sacking his uncle Shivpal from the Cabinet post and said “Akhilesh was wrong in sacking his uncle.” Looks like another round of Pari-War is set to kick start very soon in UP.

Congress and SP which performed a big drama to keep BJP out of power is today fighting for their own existence. The way UP Cm Yogi Adityanath is performing, Akhilesh and Congress will definitely feel the pinch.

Aishwarya S