Should We Blame Modi for All Faults???

Ever since the government announced the demonetization of old notes, few politicians and media are desperately trying to project the move has caused great distress to people. Rahul Gandhi, Kejriwal and many other politicians who did nothing about corruption today want to call the biggest economic reform after independence as flaw and useless.

Do not understand if oppose because they can’t stand the huge appreciation Modi is getting or whether it’s the frustration about losing their own money.

Many news channels showed that ATM’s were running dry and people aren’t able to get any money. They even showed a lady collapsed while standing in the queue in thane.

Okay…now let us ask our self what would we do we if see a person fainting?? Don’t we give them a drop of water, atleast ask if they need some help? But those people who were standing in the queue in Thane thought taking money from ATM was more important and none of them came forward to help the lady or even give a drop of water. Whose fault is it?! Yes we need money, but is it more important than a person’s life? Have we lost humanity? Don’t we have the minimum humane feelings in us?

Aaj Tak showed a DIVYANG person who was unable to stand in the queue and requesting people for help. But our people are so self centered that not one person offered to help the man. The least they could have done is, taken his card and helped him withdraw some money. But even the security guard of the bank felt nothing and instead they behaved heartless and mere spectators.

It doesn’t surprise me because ours is a country where people just walk away seeing a dying man on street met with accident. Ours is a country where Nirbaya like girl will be left to die bleeding on streets.

I remember the queue in iphone stores when the brand new iPhone 7 was launched. People went to the store around 5 am in the morning without complaining.


When Bollywood movies are released, we stand in queues for hours and spend thousands on a movie. Remember how people stand for more than 20 hours for Roadies???


But who cares for the country’s cause??

Many in the ATM”s were complaining that some people got more than 4-5 cards and withdrew over 6 thousand and by the time the last man got his turn, the ATM was DRY. Yes, of course the ATM will go dry if single person withdraws over 6K every day. What these people don’t understand is, others also need money and we are not the only ones who have problems. Shouldn’t we be a little more sensitive to other people’s feelings??


Remember whatever we are today is because the country has given us something. If not thankful, at least we should behave like humans and help each other at times. If our soldiers guard our borders standing for more than 16-18 hours a day without complaining even once, can’t we stand an hour for the welfare of our country??  It is true that some bank officials behave very irresponsibly and do not co-operate, but let’s be patient for few days.


The only reason the government didn’t release 500 rupee notes earlier was because people would have got the clue that old notes will be banned. Moreover the ATM machines will have to modified according to the size of the new notes. So old ATMs cannot give cash and cash deposit machines will jot be able to accept new notes until its modified. So it will definitely take a week for all replacements. Once the notes flow into circulation, the situation will be eased and will come back to normal.

Remember this is only a beginning of the war against the black money holders and the government has hinted that many more steps will be taken in future. So its responsibility to be a part of this movement if we want to make India better.

Aishwarya S