Blast from the Past, From Last September… AAP Degradation Continues

Yes, this one was superb! Gave me a hearty laugh back then! Come ,have a look! Let’s leave aside Aap Sex scandal and 21 Udte MLA for a minute and glance into this past incident, equally funny and deceitful!What consistency!
Last year , On 11th September, 2015, to be precise, Arvind Kejriwal Online Sena published a post on Social Media showing Dy. CM of Dehli, Manish Sisodia, conducting a class of students. The classroom was one spic and span lavishly equipped with AC, bright carpets and curtains! This post was repeated by Aam Aadmi Party, Rajkot and few others, a few months later! Now is the funny part! What was the message that accompanied the photo?
“This is a Classroom from a Government School in Dehli. ACs are installed!This proves the fact that public can enjoy ‘Achche Din’ if the politicians are not corrupt!” ROFLing? Me too! 😀 . As typical of them, no name and address of this Government school was mentioned.Speaking in the air has always been their specialty. Like leaders like supporters!
Government schools in India have always been a low budget affairs! Who doesn’t know that? Claiming to have brought this Revolutionary change in it’s classrooms within just 6 months of coming to power! And Aap supporters’ thrill in circulating this post ! I mean, how dumb can one get!
Now the truth behind this story! The Classroom in question was from Dr Rajendra Prasad Sarvoday Vidyalaya, New Delhi, specially arranged for the ‘Teachers’ Day’ Event. President Sri Pranab Mukharji conducted the class there, on 5th September, 2015. Mr Sisodia personally supervised the arrangements for the event. The photo that got circulated with the false caption was taken during his visits!
The truth about the conditions of Government Schools in Delh is still very painful! No efforts have been taken by AAP government to bring any small improvement! And faking development in such a sensitive issue for cheap publicity was outright cruel! It reflects their lack of interest in actual initiation of work in this direction!
Like all their lies, this one was  caught too by SM smarties! But then Aap is smart too! They commit the next mistake so fast that people start looking there! Never underestimate the party that fooled our Rajdhani twice ,right?

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi