Bold decision by the Yogi Govt as ‘Islamia’ prefix on govt schools to be removed! Also the schools will be shut on Sundays and not Fridays

It is rather shocking to hear that Primary schools run in Muslim dominated areas in Ballia, Uttar Pradesh are changing their name to “Ismalia”, they claim to have majority of Muslim students ! When this minority religion becomes majority their true colors start popping up and this can be hazardous.

So Islamisation of UP had started in Akhilesh Yadav rule beginning from schools?? We may have to watch much more atrocities  and CM Yogi Adityanath Government needs to work hard to end this.

Government primary schools in Uttar Pradesh’s Ballia district were found using ‘Islamia’ as a prefix and were also seen shutting on Fridays instead of Sundays which led to a probe and district authorities thereafter ordered the specific schools to drop the word ‘Islamia’ and remain closed on Sunday and follow the usual rule in India.

Several govt primary schools in Ballia district have the prefix ‘Islamia’ in their names.Block Education Officer, says,”as of now 6 schools have been identified & the word ‘Islamia’ will be removed. We have directed them to keep schools open on Fridays&closed on Sundays”. 

The incident came to light after five schools in Deoria district had prefixed ‘Islamia’ to their name and remained closed on Fridays. After which a team of officials were ordered to inspect the schools in other districts of Uttar Pradesh to keep a check of similar practises. District Magistrate Bhawani Singh Khangaraut has ordered investigation into the matter and asked the Basic Shiksha Adhikari (BSA) to submit a report. An immediate action will be taken after the investigation is analysed .

As per reported by Officials, Nine government primary schools were running ‘Islamia’ as a prefix and were closing on Fridays in Ballia District alone. Apart from this, six schools in Siyar, two in Rasda and one in Sukhpura too were doing the same. Similarly, in Ghazipur, there were 11 government primary schools using ‘the Islamia’ prefix.

The schools have also been instructed to remain open on Fridays and observe weekly off on Sunday instead. The exercise has been launched in Ballia, days after it was launched in Deoria. As of now as many as thirty such schools have been identified which used ‘Islamia’ as the prefix. A probe has been launched by the authority.

Yogi Govt found Many Govt Schools converted into ‘Islamia Schools’ in various areas of UP. These School were running from a long time with holiday on Friday instead of Sunday.

Now, Yogi ordered to remove Islamia & do Gharwapsi of all such Converted schools. Secularism in Danger.

Any MSM persons, Seculars, Intellectuals have you ever wondered how this practise was flourishing so far?? No one will ever ask these questions to Akilesh Yadav. Instead they will definitely cry secularism is in danger under Chief Minister Yogi Government. CM Yogi will be blamed now for this decision and as usual Anti- Hindu brigade will have its protest!!

Source: India.com


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