Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut gives a shock to Modi-haters by saying “PM Narendra Modi should win in 2019, 5 years not enough”!

Bollywood, a field where some of the celebrities use tragic incidents like rapes to promote their films is now seeing a real feminist. In the age of pseudo feminists who held placards to condemn the Kathua rape but didn’t even utter a word on the rape of Divya, Kangana Ranuat stands out to be bold and beautiful.

Now just hours after hinting that she wants to join politics, soon or later, Kangana Ranaut has said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi rightful leader of a democracy and should win once again. She said,

  • Narendra Modi is the most deserving candidate and rightful leader of a democracy. He is not in this position because of his parents, he has worked hard to be here. Yes, he should come to power next year as five years are not enough to pull a country out of pit.

If we carefully observe, Kangana Ranaut has not just praised PM Modi but has also slammed the dynasty politics. At present PM Modi is the only leader who has been succeeded in giving a better governance, without any political background. From Rahul Gandhi to Akhilesh Yadav all entered into politics just because of their family. But Prime Minister Modi is a self made man.

This was not the first time she had praised PM Modi. Earlier also she had said that she’s a big fan. Praised Chaiwala, Kangana Ranaut said “I am a big Modi fan because of his success story. As a young woman, I do believe that we need to have the right role models. I mean the graph and the ambition of an ordinary man and whenever we have a PM who is a chaiwala, then I always say that it is not his victory but it is the victory of our democracy. I feel he is the right role model”.

Earlier this year, that was a rumour doing rounds in the internet that said Kangana Ranaut was willing to join politics. But this statement was rubbish, as her spokesperson clarfied by saying “Few malicious rumours are doing the rounds of media which are falsely claiming that Kangana Ranaut is joining a particular political party and has had a meeting with the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi regarding the same. These so-called ‘reports’ are completely false and baseless and no such meeting has taken place”.

The statement had also said that “Kangana has categorically on multiple occasions has denied any interest in politics and is in fact busy shooting for Manikarnika in Bikaner and has a lineup of multiple films this year. We kindly request no false rumors to be believed and will come out with an official response if needed”.

But now Kangana Ranaut has herself revealed that she was a bit on the young side to enter politics, and indicated she would ‘serve her nation’ when the time comes.

Indians, don’t be surprised if you hear few self proclaimed celebrities calling her a “failed actress” for backing PM Narendra Modi. Even earlier, the sports-persons who had slammed anti-nationals were targeted by the pseudo secular Bollywood celebrities.

Hansika Raj