Bollywood Khans refused to meet Israeli PM Natanyahu, but meets Canadian PM Justin Trudeau who supports Khalistan militants!

For the first time after decades, Israeli Prime Minister had visited India which grabbed the headlines in the world. The bonhomie the Indians and Israelis shared between each other set new records. Prime Minister Modi had also visited Israel a few months back, which was also a historic visit nearly after 70 years. The Israelis showed unprecedented love and support to India like never before.

Both countries India and Israel have a long history of fighting terrorism and have a common interest. Israel is one country which has always stood with India in times of distress and trouble. They have been a major partner in defence deals, intelligence sharing and military support. They have also helped India in various other sectors like technology, agriculture, innovation and research. However, India all these years had not openly endorsed their relationship with Israel. It was only after PM Modi came to power, he set new dimensions between diplomatic relations.

Israel’s support towards India is not new, they were the first country which supported India in Kashmir issue and spoke against separatists. They were the first ones to extend support during the Kargil war and also during India -Pakistan standoff many times before. So, obviously, India has shown special gratitude towards Israel for their support and concern towards our country.

When Israel PM visited India, PM Modi broke protocol and went to receive Benjamin Netanyahu personally in the airport. He personally took him to Gujarat and they jointly launched many developmental schemes for the country. This was a special bonhomie the two countries shared with each other.

But Justin Trudeau arrived in India for a 7-day visit, but there was a complete change in the diplomatic treatment given by the Indian government to the Canadian PM. Generally, PM Modi who is known for establishing good relations with top leaders of the world did not bother to receive the Canadian PM in the airport, but he rather sent a junior MoS (Minister of State) to receive the Prime Minister. This was the first snub that the Indian government gave the Canadian PM.

But if you wonder why exactly was this done, there is a reason. The same Canadian PM Justin Trudeau during his election campaign had extended support to the Khalistan militants who are working against Indian state to sever Punjab from the Indian territory. They have been raging war against India for 30 years which has caused great distress in the state. Just like how Kashmir separatists are demanding AZADI for Kashmir, the Khalistan militants are demanding AZADI for Punjab. These militants have joined hands with Pakistan ISI from whom they receive massive funding to fight against India.

The Khalistan terrorists have also involved in drug mafia which is destroying the Punjab youths each day. The drugs is supplied from Pakistan with the help of these Khalistan militants who are involved in huge money minting. These people were supported by Canadian PM which is nothing but a betrayal of trust with India. So, how do you expect India to give respect to such a leader?! UP CM Yogi Adityanath who personally greeted Benjamin Netanyahu in Uttar Pradesh did not receive Justin Trudeau. It was the same case with Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh who refused to meet Justin Trudeau for his anti India stand in supporting Khalistan militants.

But this is not the case with our Bollywood Khans. These Khans who have always been vocal in support of Pakistan and every organisation that works against India went to the extent of organizing an event to meet PM Justin Trudeau. They shared dias with him posing with a BIG SMILE despite knowing his stand against India. However these Khans refused to meet with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu during his visit to India. While every Bollywood actor including Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai, Madhur Bhandarkar, Vivek Oberoi and many others made it a point to extend wishes to Israeli PM, the Khans of Bollywood were the only ones to boycott the event.

It was a clear message from Bollywood khans that they would rather support a person who stands against India than meeting a person who supports India. But we people should never question their patriotism, if not we are labelled INTOLERANT, COMMUNAL, HATE MONGERS, ULTRA NATIONALISTS….am I right?!

When the country faced the worst terror attack on an army camp in Pathankot, JK, it was the Bollywood Khans who extended support to Pakistan, they were the first ones to snub Indian soldier’s sacrifice for the country and included Pakistani actors in their movie. While hockey players, cricket players, wrestlers and every other sportsmen declared that they did not want to play with Pakistan, Bollywood Khans were the only people who refused to speak a word against Pakistan and asked them to keep Bollywood away from politics.

If National interests are considered politics by Khans, then probably terror attacks or wars in the country should also be called politics. This only shows the true colours of these so called bhadshahs of Bollywood who are only interested in making money but have no regard to the country for real! They will never speak against Pakistan as it is the house of D Mafia God!

Aishwarya S