Bone Density Test nails the Rapist!!! Few said the man who raped in madrassa was 13 years old, few others said he’s 17 years old but now its proved that the rapist is a major

For all those who have been pity for the Juvenile who raped Geeta (name changed) in Madrasa and have been displaying sympathy towards him, here’s something I’ve got to reveal based on the case. Now, this is a genuine victory for the Girl.

I did not see this news on any media channel. And I am sure you too might not know about this. Now a days media houses prefer to go for selective journalism, where it will suit for their pseudo-secularism. I have literally gone and searched all over the net but could not find Bollywood actresses or politicians like Aaptards, Congressi putting playcards for Geeta. Please, tell me why such discrimination?

In a shocking revelation, the minor involved in the rape of a 10 year old girl inside a madrasa in Ghaziabad has now turned out to be an “adult” and not a “minor”. His age was determined after the ossification test (bone density) was conducted to ascertain his actual age. The report made available to the Delhi Police Crime Branch has been submitted to Juvenile Justice Board (JJB).

“The bone density test was carried on the accused since his family had failed to submit documents that could help the police to ascertain if he was below 18 years of age. The test report indicates that he is a major,” the police officer said.

Ghaziabad madrasa rapist, Shahbaz Khan who raped the 10 yr old child, Geeta (name changed), NOT A JUVENILE.

Bone density test reveals that his real age is 21. He’ll now be tried as an adult.

Madrasa claimed that he’s 13, he claimed that he’s 17, this is how, they dodge the law.

According to sources, the police had also arrested Ghulam Shahid, who is the madrasa cleric, for allegedly being aware of the presence of the girl on the premises and lying to the Police and the girl’s father who was looking around for her.

Now he will try to raise intolerance issue and will say since he is a Muslim that is why he is being framed and Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep, Sagrika, Rana ayub, Shela Rashid, Hardik patel, Kahniya Kumar, Jignesh, Umer Khalid, secular, Liberal ,so called Intellectual and agent in media will support him.

But fortunately, even though he is a Juvenile or not , Ghaziabad belongs to CM Yogi Adityanath not Kejriwal! So “NO another Sewing Machine & 10000 Rs Vote Appeasement”. No Congressmen can influence the investigation in this case. Justice is near to the door.

If anybody is capable of raping he should be treated as an adult and punished accordingly. Law should be amended retrospectively. Rapes by juveniles are on the increase. Else punish their parents for lack of proper parenting/upbringing. A request goes to the Supreme Court to reopen the case of so-called Juvenile Rapist who escaped real justice with a fake forged fraud counterfeit Birth Certificate from a Nondescript unapproved Madrasa in UP.

Madrassa: Accused is 13

Accused: My age is 17

Truth: Bone density reveals he is 21, an adult

Gosh! This is what they are taught, to hoodwink law when caught. And then they say that Muslims don’t lie! If this is not lying, then what is it?

When these monsters don’t even spare little girls and some madarsa students even calling the accused as bhabhi, then people involved in such crimes shouldn’t be checked for their age and be given harshest of punishment even before death sentence.

It is no crime in Islam according to the Islamic religion. Any girl who is even an hour old can also be married to any boy of her father’s age or choice. Even the Prophet has married so many girls of his daughter’s age in his lifetime. So what if one of his followers does the same? It is all fine according to their religion.That’s the ideology and their thinking, which they have been following since ages, so it is not a new thing for them.

It’s very expected as per experience. We know that every criminal says that “He/She is not guilty” and according to every lunatic says “He/She is not Mad” So ignore that kind of explanations from Shehla Rashid. As it’s now cleared who is what?

At times I doubt…Those who say that rape victim should be married to her rapist, are they actually humans? How much would they respect their own mother and sister at home? They literally have no feeling for the victim who suffered the worst traumatic moments in her life. The ultimate truth is, she will never be able to forget the tragedy throughout the life. Things may become normal; people may forget what she went through. But the victim alone has to suffer the irony.


Daily Pioneer