Out of the box – Government takes the “sting operation” route to nail the corrupt across the country !

News of “Sting operations” against the government by people and journalists are quite common. But it is something totally unexpected when the government itself carries out sting operations against the corrupt officials. As per a report , Government of India has conducted more than 600 sting operations against bank officials at several banks all over the country to expose the corruption going on in the bank and the arrest the bank officials who have been involved in converting black money of people to white through back door.

It is learnt that the CDs of more than 500 sting operations conducted by the government have been submitted to the Ministry of Finance and will soon be distributed to the concerned law enforcement agencies so that strict action against the erring bank officials is taken. The reports say that sting operations have been carried out at nearly 625 branches of various banks. In at least 425 branches, corrupt bank officials, businessmen and hawala operators have reportedly been caught on tape trying to convert black money into white. The interesting fact is that the sting operations have not been restricted only to big cities, but have also been carried out in smaller towns.

In a recent rally at Deesa in Gujarat, Prime Minister Modi warned people of trying new tricks to convert their black money to white and announced that no one will be spared this time. “Right now people are thinking that by exchanging the new currency with old one with the help of some bankers. They think they are safe and leave from back door. I assure you that they cannot escape because I have cameras in the back doors also,” he said. “Jinhone bhi 8 November ke baad ye paap kia hai vo to kisi bhi haalat me bachne wale nahi hain. 2-4-6 mahine mein pakde jayange”. 

With news of hundreds of crores of cash being recovered in form of new currency and a large number of bank officials being arrested on a daily basis for corrupt practices, it seems that the government is in no mood to spare any corrupt official. The main reason behind the recovery of new notes and arrest is the coordinated intelligence sharing between CBI, Income Tax, Enforcement directorate, RBI and state level agencies. RBI keeps a complete account of every new note that is being sent to the banks, with details of total amount sent to every bank branch in India meticulously maintained by the RBI. In case of mismatch of figures, the concerned bank branch and the officials are taken to task by law enforcement agencies, based on intelligence inputs.

With the “sting operations” CDs sent to the finance ministry, it is just a matter of time that many more people involved in the illegal business of converting black money to white through back doors will be arrested and many more beans will be spilled. The yajna of purifying the nation has just started.

Kshitij Mohan