BREAKING : 30+ dead, more than 100 injured in deadly blast at Shah Noorani ‘Sufi’ shrine in Balochistan

In a deadly blast at Shah Noorani shrine in Lasbela district of Balochistan, more than 30 people have died and hundreds of people have been injured. The blast occured in a famous Sufi shrine where hundreds of people were attending sufi dance called “dhamaal”. Among the dead and seriously injured, there are many children and women as well. Pakistan is notorious all over the world for its treatment of minorities – be it Hindus, Christians or the Ahmadiya & Sufi sects of Islam.

This is not the first incident of extremists targeting a shrine in Balochistan. This is infact the third major incident of a deadly bomb blast in the province of Balochistan since August. In August about 70 people were killed in a suicide bomb attack outside the civil hospital in the provincial capital Quetta. Previously also, sufi shrines, sufi singers, Hindus living in the province have been selectively targeted.

The human rights violations in Balochistan, where people are fighting against Pakistan sponsored state oppression and growing attacks on minorities, are issues of grave concern which Prime Minister Modi recently raised in his independence day speeches and subsequent international platforms. Pakistan administration has totally ignored Balochistan as is evident from the fact that the province lacks various basic facilities like electricity, health, transport and safety for people.

Kshitij Mohan