BREAKING! Arvind Kejriwal Caught in Massive Donation Scam by Income Tax Department!

Arvind Kejriwal who speaks about transparency and anti corruption movement has probably forgotten the meaning of the words. This man who has been in news for all wrong reasons for corruptions, sex scandals by his party, hawala transactions and moleastation of women has now been caught by the Income Tax for submitting FALSE REPORT to the election commission.

Arvind Kejriwal is said to be getting donations from many international agencies, among which there are few Anti national agencies that are funding to destabilize the Indian economy through anti developmental plans. These agencies have been donating to AAP since few years and are mainly responsible for his Anti National agendas like speaking against Indian army & surgical strike, supporting Kanhaiya Kumar and elevating the Khalistan movement in Punjab.

Every political party although are exempted from taxes under the section 13 A of the Income tax Act they are bound to show any source of money with proper documentation for an amount exceeding Rs 20,000. But the Aam Aadmi Party which rants that it is the cleanest  has now been caught red handed fudging data and filing wrong report to the Income Tax.

In October 2016, the Income Tax department which found that the AAP has not filed any report on donations received above 20,000, the IT dept sent four summons repeatedly starting from 06th June 2016, 16th June 2016, 08th July 2016 and 07th August 2016 asking for a detailed report on donations above 20,000. But the AAP did not respond to even single letter. Instead what the AAP did was, removed the list of donations made to the party from their website and hid all the names of the people who have donated.

This move was questioned by every person on social media and recently Anna Hazare made a scathing attack on Kejriwal asking him to reveal the names of the people who donated to the party.

At first, the AAP said that the website was under repair and needs time to update the names of the donors. But just few days back, Arvind Kejriwal blatantly said that his party will NOT reveal the names of any person nor give details about the donations received by the party.

Even after repeated warning by the Income Tax, the Aam Aadmi Party didn’t disclose the details of the donations. Henceforth the Income tax department on 14th October 2016 sends a final letter to the Aam Aadmi Party saying that “Apparently since the AAP has not disclosed their donation details under the 29 C of the representation of the People’s Act 1951, even after providing enough time, the Income Tax dept is bound to CANCEL the EXEMPTION PROVIDED UNDER The 13 A of the Income Tax Act.”

Within a day after the AAP receives the letter, on 15th October 2016 the treasurer of the AAP writes to the Election Commission instead of explaining to the Income Tax and TWISTS the entire story saying that the donation details given on 30th September 2014, for the financial year 2013-14 unfortunately had some errors, so it has been rectified and revised report has been submitted.

So the entire story is….The AAP had given a FLAWED and FAKE list of donations to the Election Commission and uploaded a completely different list on the website hiding all details. This is exactly why they removed the list of donations immediately when they were caught with the Income Tax.

The AAP said that it was inadvertent errors and did not do on purpose. But the errors can happen once, does it happen consecutively for 2 years?? Errors may happen in small numbers, but how did the AAP hide the donations received for over 16 crores??? Was it just an error, or did they tried to hide the international agency who funded them??

Why is the website down since June 2016, just after the Income tax found serious flaws in the donation list?? The convenient answer Kejriwal gave was because the BJP is behind the donors and want to harass them and it is under maintenance.

Clearly it shows Aam Aadmi Party is hiding something very big and has been caught naked. Their links with Khalistan terrorists and Pakistan agents is something which India needs to worry. The big international agencies are not funding Kejriwal for no reason, there is a deep vested interest which needs to be investigated.

The way Kejriwal reacted to Demonetization also shows huge amount of Black money has been gone to gutter and he could not continue his campaign in Punjab elections. He had to withdraw from various municipality elections as well which only shows, his entire party is run on Black money!!!


Aishwarya S


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