Breaking!!! Azam Khan enjoys to make derrogatory remarks on Indian Army; But his son Abdulla allegedly possess 2 pan cards

It is a common sense that an Indian can hold only one pan card. But for certain individuals, it is difficult to hold one pan card just as how they support Pakistan being an Indian citizen. Azam Khan is known for his statements which trigger communal hatred in the society. And now his son, Abdulla Khan has gone one step ahead and made his father very proud by holding 2 pan cards.

Mohammad Abdulla Khan is the MLA from Suar constituency of Uttar Pradesh. And the shocking information of Abdulla holding 2 pan cards was revealed by Akash Saxena, son of ex-minister Shiv Bahadur Saxena. He said that Abdullah had given a wrong PAN number – DWAPK7513R – in his affidavit filed with the Election Commission of India. He has also alleged that Abdullah possesses another PAN card allotted to his name – DFOPK6164K.

By this, one can conclude that this was done to evade tax. If one was loyally paying tax, then why would he involve in the act of possessing 2 pan cards?

Mr Saxena at the Lucknow Press Club told to the media that “I have complained to the Income Tax department and Election Commission about Abdullah Azam having two PAN numbers, which is illegal. Former Minister Azam Khan is a liar and has got his son two PAN cards and has also helped him in winning the elections using his post. There should be a case of fraud against Azam Khan and his son Abdullah.”

Abdulla’s father, Mr Azam Khan recently had tried to tarnish the image of Indian Army by saying that the soldiers rape women. But as accepted, the patriotic Indians throughout the nation thrashed his statement. But tragedy is that Azam Khan didn’t even ask an apology for his statement.

Nishika Ram