Breaking! Big loss for Congress in upcoming Gujarat elections: Congress internal survey!

The Gujarat elections are seen as very crucial elections for the Congress party after they faced humiliating defeat in Uttar Pradesh along with Samajwadi Party.

The Congress banked on Patidar agitation which broke out 2 years back and tried to divide the votes of Patidars which mainly supported BJP. It was well known that Congress played a significant role in escalating the patidar agitation using Hardhik Patel to defeat BJP. But however looks like the equations have changed again and Congress has not been able to gain much out of it.

This report is said to have been submitted to the Congress high command after an internal survey was conducted by the Party workers. The Economic Times reported, party sources said a study was indeed carried out to gauge the mood of the communities ahead of the assembly polls later this year. However senior Congress leader Arjun Modvadia said there were no such audits and that by far all the surveys conducted by the party had shown a strong undercurrent towards the party.

The report said although the state witnessed revolt against BJP after the Patidar agitation, the inability of Congress party to bring hope in people has completely turned the equations and BJP has gained popularity again. The only people who are likely to benefit from Patidar agitation are the independent candidates said the report.

Tejashree Patel, one of the MLAs who had resigned from Congress ahead of the recent Rajya Sabha elections, had told ET that Congress had gained in the 2015 local body elections due to the disenchantment among the Patidars towards the government, but her pleas to the Congress leadership to make efforts to attract the community towards the party had fallen on deaf ears reported ET.

It is quite believable that Congress is losing ground in Gujarat as their leader Rahul Gandhi has completely failed to project himself as an alternative politician against BJP. His failures to reach out to ground level workers is said to be the main reason for party workers disappointment. Many people within the Congress who do not reveal their identity say Rahul Gandhi is not connected with ground realities and cannot understand the political strategies. This was quite visible during the recent Rajya Sabha elections, how Ahmad Patel had to literally struggle to retain his seat.
The other main reason for Congress worry, is their extreme anti Hindu stand. Gujarat which has strong bipolar views, feels that Hindus are not safe under Congress. The minority appeasement has made Congress more like a minority party rather than a secular party.
This is why Rahul Gandhi made a symbolic visit to Hindu temples just before he started his Gujarat campaign. But seems like his visit hasn’t impacted the voters of Gujarat. The incident of cow slaughter by Congress workers on the streets of Kerala few months back caused a massive blow to the image of Congress in the North and Hindi belt. People of Gujarat, UP, Bihar and MP who are more sensitive towards the Hindu traditions feel a sense of betrayal by the Congress towards Hindus.
The BJP on the other hand has been very successful in reaching out to dalits and OBC, the UP win was an example how the development schemes like Ujjawala Yojana and rural electrification has gained them huge among backward category. The tectonic shift of dalit vote bank is a major concern of Congress and henceforth they have been trying their best to malign BJP as anti Dalit party and spreading fake news on attacks on dalits.
The Congress will definitely escalate the issue of dalit attacks and we may expect many orchestrated drama by Congress in next 2-3 months.
Source: http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/politics-and-nation/congress-own-study-paints-grim-picture-in-gujarat/articleshow/60905740.cms

Aishwarya S