Breaking!!! Big split in opposition; Congress sidelined by its ally as it holds a meeting without Congress

The opposition party has decided to organise a meeting but what is sensational in this is that Congress has been left out. Yes, the Congress has been miserably failing in all of its moves to check the progress of PM Modi. While involving in this dirty trick, the Congress has been totally boycotted by its ally parties.

Today is the big day to all the national parties as voting will take place to elect the next President of India. Even though everyone knows that it was a one sided game as Ram Nath Kovind is clearly having the upper hand, Congress didn’t give it up.

On an unexpected development, JDU,DMK,NCP, SP  held a separate meeting in the parliament today. These parties have given room to a huge speculation in the political arena. All these parties may cast their votes to the NDA candidate Ram Nath Kovind. Chances a high that NDA may not just get a majority but they may grab 75% votes. Yes, while Rahul Gandhi was on his foreign trips, the opposition party decided to make a sensible move.

What may be the agenda of this meet?

Congress led opposition had recently chose Gopalkrishna Gandhi as its candidate for vice Presidential candidate. Gopalkrishna Gandhi was one among others who tried to save the terrorist Yakub Memon from hanging. So, fearing the backlash from the public, are these parties trying to separate themselves from Congress?

Sources say at least half-a-dozen TMC MLAs set to cross vote in the presidential polls. The NCP also hints at backing NDA’s President pick Ram Nath Kovind.

Nishika Ram