Breaking! Bullets or abuses will not resolve the Kashmir issue and that it can be addressed by embracing every Kashmiri – The PM of India

Well, The Prime Minister Narendra Modi said “Bullets or abuses will not resolve the Kashmir issue and that it can be addressed by embracing every Kashmiri.”

He also declared that the Violence in the name of faith wasn’t acceptable and termed casteism and communalism as poison.”

Addressing the nation on the 71st Independence Day, he said only a handful of separatists were resorting to different tactics to create problems in the State and asserted that there will be no soft approach towards terrorism.

The government is committed to making Kashmir a paradise once again, the PM said.

Adding to it, “Not only Jammu and Kashmir government, but the entire country is with the people of the State in helping them realize their dreams of development.” He said.

“Many parts of the country faced natural calamities in the recent past. Children died at a hospital. The entire nation is with them,” Narendra Modi said.

Noting that natural calamities become a big challenge, he said while good rains contribute to the prosperity of the country, climate change creates problems.

While talking about national security, he said it is a priority and the country is capable of defending itself in all spheres.

India is capable of tackling any challenge in any frontier — land, sea or the cyberspace, the Prime Minister told against the backdrop of border standoff with China in Doklam.

Yes, on this occasion of this Independence day, we need to pledge our lives to the nation. Countless soldiers sacrificed their lives just for us. I guess, people of India must remember those brave hearts.

It is believed that, “The tri-color is hovering not with the wind, but with the breaths of sacrificed souls.”

It’s unfortunate, but true that, “While India is celebrating and remembering those lives, few leaders are busy looking forward to celebrate Pakisthan’s Independence day.”

“Happy Independence Day”.