Breaking!!! China cancels bilateral talk with India; Is China on a verge to declare war against India?

The rift between India and China has reached its peak. When Indians were busy focusing on PM Modi’s Israel visit, China has played a dirty trick as expected. The Chinese has cancelled the bilateral talk between PM Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping. But Chinese said that there will be no meet between India and Pakistan as the Indians have illegally occupied the Chinese territory.

How can China cancel bilateral talk when it never existed in reality?

Another fact should be noted is that India never asked for a bilateral meeting. India even said that there was no bilateral meet scheduled during the G 20 meet. But what is hilarious is that, China went on and cancelled a meeting which in reality never existed.

The 2017 G20 Hamburg summit is the twelfth meeting of the Group of Twenty (G 20) held on 7–8 July 2017 in the city of Hamburg (Germany).

Why the fight intensified?

The current standoff began on 16 June when Chinese troops accompanied by construction vehicles and road-building equipment began moving south into Bhutan territory.

As soon as China entered into Bhutan territory, the Bhutanese Army opposed and escalated this to Indian Army. India has various security pacts with Bhutan. But China smartly twisted the facts and said that India has illegally entered the Chinese territory. China even warned India to withdraw Indian Army from Doklam Area.

It is also clear that the China is clearly violating the laws signed between India and China in 1989. India has shown great refrain to China’s provocations. But as day passes, the Chinese cross all their limits.

China even claims Arunachal Pradesh and had expressed its anger when Dalai Lama visited the state. Weeks ago even a video had emerged were both Indian and Chinese soldiers were involved in a clash without any arms. The video showed the soldiers bumping chests, without punching or kicking.

Will a war break out?

PM Modi has not even finished his Israel visit but China has started playing dirty tricks. Now it is said that there are around 3000 troops from both the countries are stationed near Doklam Area. Will the clash over the land escalate and lead to a war? Time will only answer because China doesn’t want any talks to solve the clashes. More than that, it is trying to create tensions by entering into others territory.

Nishika Ram