Breaking! China directs India to suspend Manasasarovar yatra!

In a sudden development, the China has conveyed to the External Affairs Ministry to suspend the Manasa Sarovar yatra this year. 2 days back, the Chinese military stopped the first batch of Indians from entering through the Nathu La pass in Sikkim, citing damage to roads due to rains and landslides in the Tibet region.

The 47 people had to return home after they were denied permission. The pilgrims had to cross the Chinese side on June 19, but was delayed due to bad weather. The External affairs ministry said that the development has cast a shadow of uncertainty on the annual yatra as Chinese officials maintained that it would take some time to repair the roads and the Indians would not be able to make the pilgrimage any time soon.

“The pilgrims and the liaison officer were told that because of incessant rainfall the roads in the Chinese side had been washed away in major landslides. So they cannot proceed any further.”

However, today the Chinese has asked the external ministry to suspend the Yatra completely. But it is not sure whether the real reason is only the harsh weather or is it a tactic to pressurize India as PM Modi is all set to meet US president Donald Trump today in Washington DC.

This may be a tactic of Chinese to indirectly support the Pakistan by denying access to Indian pilgrims to Manasa Sarovar Yatra.


Aishwarya S