Breaking! Col Purohit may soon get bail, Army releases documents which were hidden by Congress government!

Aishwarya S

In a shocking development the Army and the defense ministry has produced few documents to the court on Col. Purohit which shows that he was gathering information against terrorists when he was arrested in the Malegaon blast case.

Lieutenant Colonel Shrikant Purohit was arrested in 2008 Malegon blast case when the police accused him of procuring huge amount of RDX to carry out blast in the minority dominated area. Although the Maharashtra ATS which conducted the investigation could not find any evidence against Col Purohit, he has been kept in the judicial custody for about 8 years now. There was no FIR lodged against him due to lack of evidence and still the courts refused to grant him bail.

Now, the defense ministry and the army have provided documents which show that as an intelligence officer Col Purohit was in the process of collecting few important information regarding terror activities in India. The documents show that he was given orders by his superiors, and he was asked to interact with the terror accused and gather information on terror activities in India. Col Purohit had reported the development to his superiors in the Army which has been recorded in the documents. Strangely none of these documents were produced to courts all these years.

A court of inquiry was initiated in 2009 which submitted the report saying there were no proof found against Col Purohit. The family members of Col Purohit claim that his arrest was a bigger conspiracy scripted by the previous Congress government to invent fake Saffron terror. The family alleges that there were few Army officers and ATS officers who under the hands of Congress made sure he never got bail. They also question if the documents were available in the defense ministry, then why did not the previous government submit them to the court?!

It is also well remembered that ATS had used third degree torture methods to get statements from Purohit. Despite Purohit himself writing to the Defense Ministry many times in 8 years to provide the Army related documents, the previous government never gave permission to army to submit documents. It was only in April 2016, the Defense Ministry agreed to his request and directed the Army to provide necessary documents.

This is the first time ever, a sincere army officer was accused of terror attack and has been jailed for 8 years. The Congress government which was hell bent to malign the RSS and BJP created a fake saffron terror narrative and fooled the people big time. The main intention was to divert the attention from Islamic terrorism and Mumbai 26/11 blasts. It is well known fact how Congress went out of the way to protect Ishrat jahan and Soharabuddin and prove them as innocents. RVS Mani, former under secretary in the UPA government had made chilling revelations as to how he was tortured by SIT chief head Satish Verma to falsely implicate Modi and prove Ishrat Jahna was innocent. The former claimed that Satish verma burnt him with cigarette stubs and was chased by CBI officer and tortured. The CBI was completely misused by the Congress and all affidavits which indicated that Ishrat Jahan was a terrorist was manipulated.

So Col Purohit’s arrest was also such conspiracy by Congress government to set a narrative of Saffron terror and appease their vote banks. Now since the documents have been produced in the court, there are more chances that Col Purohit may soon be granted bail.