Breaking!!! Conspiracy set by Congress to push Ahmed Patel into the Rajya Sabha bursted by Vaghela

In the election of Rajya Sabha of Gujarat held on Tuesday, Ahmed Patel won the third seat with lots of controversies. Congress opposed the disputed votes of two voters and reported to the Election Commission. Later, Election Commission interfered and rejected two BJP (?) votes.

And, now!

Former Congress veteran Shankersinh Vaghela slammed the party for “Conspiring” to win one seat in the Gujarat Rajya Sabha election.

He claimed, “The party planned to get the votes of two MLAs disqualified in order to secure a position for Ahmed Patel in the Upper House.”

The election commission should not have interfered in the polls, as the Returning Officer had the right to end the dispute between the parties” reported by news agency ANI.

While slamming congress, he quoted, “It was a conspiracy by the congress, they had pre planned everything well in advance. The Election Commission had no role in this, they should not have interfered. The RO had the right to decide.”

The Drama designed by Sonia Gandhi?

Earlier, about the election, Vaghela had said that he is not going to waste his time for Ahmed Patel, as he is not going to win.”

And, then after voting in the polls, Vaghela had told that he voted for the BJP’s candidate. And another voter of JDU also had said that he voted for BJP.

And, these dramatic turn of events on the election had led to  the disqualification of two Congress MLAs, Bhola Bhai Gohil and Raghav Bhai Patel for violating the polling procedure. They were accused of showing their ballot papers to the BJP president Amit Shah. And, then the Congress filed a petition and at first it was rejected by the RO. But, after the intervention of the EC, the MLAs were found guilty and EC rejected the two votes.

Congress Warned Vaghela!! Were they scared that he will expose Congress?

Addressing the press on Thursday, he said, “Ashol Gehlot said that I was acting under CBI pressure, I told him I won’t vote for Ahmed Patel till he apologizes for this comment.”

Gehlot had said that Vaghela resigned under pressure from the government after the ED and the CBI had searched his premises.

But, on Thursday, the Congress warned Vaghela to stop making the anti-party comments.

Gehlot had tweeted that, “Vaghela has not done a right thing. The congress has given him a lot.”


Is Vaghela speaking truth about the ‘Conspiracy’?

Initially, he had said that Congress is not going to win. Does he speak without knowing the condition of the Party?

And, why the Election Committee interfered in this issue, although it doesn’t have the authority to interfere?

If MLAs had showed the ballot during the voting, why EC didn’t give a warning and waited till the end of polling?

Questions are needed to be answered.